I Want to be Forever More

Enjoy my 4th poem you guys!
I want to wake up to a brand new day,
Knowing I see you in the hours away.

I want to wear a smile,
That never goes away,
I want to dance,
And rejoice,
For you are my knight and my Mr. Right.

I want to have your arms,
Always around me,
Holding me close,
I want to run my fingers through your hair,
And hold your handsome face.

I want my heart to leap,
I want my heart to burst,
For the love I have for you.

I want to spend countless hours,
Talking to you,
Just spending all my time with you,
And hearing your voice,
I want to be your biggest hello,
And your hardest goodbye,
I want to be forever more.
Published: 6/19/2012
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