I Want to be Your Everything

How much does love change us? Do we still keep in touch with whom we are?
Could I carry you on my wings, fly to hide and play,

Feed you things, be your slave, always to obey.

Treat you like a goddess queen, feed you fruits so sweet,

Or comfort you in sexy ways, and sit there at your feet,

Or maybe I could be your king, who fights your battles more,

Or a romantic romeo that always holds your door,

Could I be the gentle one who strokes your soul to sway,

Or a jester who will make you laugh, each and every day,

Maybe I could be your prince, who rides a horse that's white,

Or maybe just a sappy chap, who dine's by candle light,

Or maybe I could be your guard, and march in line for you,

Or maybe just a messenger, who brings the poems through.
Published: 9/16/2010
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