I Will Always Miss You

When ambition is strong, sometimes love has to suffer.
Your words spoke to me from your picture,
That I held in my hand,
They talked of leaving in search of culture,
That I may never see you again.
So you want to climb the fence, cross the boundary,
But the grass may not be greener when you get there,
The symbols that call you were forged from a foundry,
The heroes are no greater than they are here,
But if leave you must and if truth be told,
Then I hope that all your wishes can come true,
So I'll wipe my tears as I wave farewell,
You know I will always miss you.

So go find the ghosts of the heroes you seek,
I wish you luck in your quest,
Just try not to hang around too many cemeteries,
Be careful where you take a rest,
The city may be bright beneath the neon lights,
But evil lurks within every shadowed alleyway,
So keep your senses keen and have the courage to fight,
It's a dog eat dog world in the city,
The streets are mean and dark and soiled,
They're not paved with the gold that attracts you,
It's a long hard road to the top of the pile,
But my heart will always be with you.

Don't pour your life into a paper cup,
As the coffee grows cold in your hands,
Seek the shelter of the ones that you love,
Sanctuary comes from true friends,
Beware the daggers that are poised at your back,
Beware the sword of Damocles that hangs overhead,
Too many nemeses can halt you in your tracks,
And bring you crashing back down to earth,
From the dizzy heights of an unrealized pipe-dream,
To the nightmare world of realities truth,
So remember me in the wake of your slipstream,
My soul will be following you.

I wish you well in your industrious endeavors,
And hope you find glory and wealth,
But in your rise to the top, in your search for treasure,
Please don't sell out on your health,
For the richest treasure that one could ever hold,
Lies within the beat of the warmest heart,
And shows it's purity as it flies with the soul,
On the wings of the truest of love.
My heart beats like thunder as I watch you leave,
And my soul seems to think it's for good,
So should your love never be returned to me,
You know I will always miss you.
Published: 12/8/2010
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