I Will Carry Your Pride

Let my fingers stay in your hair.
Let my fingers stay in your hair,
Let my mistakes stay in your hands,
Let my story stay on your chest,
Let it stay and don't tell a lie,
Beloved tell the truth.

Like there is love, my heart is in your heart,
Beloved don't break my heart,
Leaving me impatient all day,
Tormenting me all night,
The heart does not gain any peace at any moment.

The heart has fallen,
When it has fallen then it has fallen,
You have given it such an infatuation,
That it now cannot be taken anymore.

Let me embed you in this heart,
I will maintain love with you,
I will carry your pride,
Even if I am destroyed or I die.

I don't want to leave your side,
Without looking at you,
My state is nothing,
The gathering of my desires,
Do not adorn without you,
I know and God knows,
Oh my love.

How can I say,
How an infatuation has awakened in my heart,
I will sacrifice my life for you,
I will forget the world for you,
I have decided that I will obtain you,
I will take you one day,
I don't want to leave your side.
Published: 4/19/2014
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