I Wonder If

Does she feel as I feel?
I look into the mirror and,
I see the face but not the man,
It's funny how you lose yourself at times,
I lose myself inside your smile,
Sedated for a little while,
And I wonder if you lose yourself in mine.

I feel your warm breath touching me,
As softly as a summer breeze,
Whose gentle sigh keeps whispering your name,
Contented by the love I feel,
I'm sated by the love you seal,
And I wonder if you ever feel the same.

The flowers that adorn your hair,
How pleasantly they scent the air,
That ripples through my dreams when I'm asleep,
So peaceful is my tranquil mind,
Oh so subtly refined,
And I wonder why your elegance runs so deep.

With you, I've found the perfect love,
I berth myself inside your cove,
To shelter from the storms that rage outside,
I wear your love around my neck,
It fills me with profound respect,
And I wonder if you wear my love with pride.
Published: 8/13/2012
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