I won't Quit, I'll Fight

Don't quit, till your last breath. Read a short figment from my imagination..
Fighting with my every breath,
Knowing not when will it end,
Neither submissions nor escapism,
It's all going to the end,
Desolated, deserted and shattered,
Down to dust,
Kissing the ground,
I won't quit
I'll fight

I can see thee, my cherished goal,
Quite a distance apart,
With hope as my friend,
I would conquer thee,
You may go far away,
You may increase the gap,
Still, I'll chase you, for you are my destiny
Down and out,
Frightened and alone,
Still, I won't quit
I will fight

In achieving you I may be worst hit,
Break my ribs, punch me down,
Break the body, how will you break the spirit?
With every pain and punch, it will steadily grow,
Difficulties can only cut the wings,
How will they destroy my desire to fly?
I'll fly to my sky,
I won't quit,
I'll fight

Illusions, distractions and obstacles,
Only remind me of thee,
Sailing to you,
with all my might,
Rowing the boat against winds of time,
Searching the shore, looking for light,
Burning all bridges,
Nowhere to return,
Nowhere to hide,
It's all going till the end,
I won't quit,
I'll fight

You are the journey
You are the destination,
Just wait for me, I'll be there,
Living once and last,
And only for you,
At the end it doesn't matter,
I get you or not,
But one thing I'm sure about,
I won't quit,
I'll fight.......
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By Kundan Pandey
Published: 7/2/2009
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