Ideas for a Fun Date

Are you seeing that same movie for the umpteenth time with your partner? It's time you think about some fun date ideas that you would really look forward to. Read on for some ideas which would help you to spend quality time with your partner.
Whether it's your first date or the fiftieth..., finding innovative ideas for your dates can make the whole experience a fun affair if you just give it a little thought! Take some time out to think when was the last time you really had fun on a date? In many cases, the initial euphoria dies down after the first few dates, but anybody who has watched 50 First Dates, can really know how one can make each and every date special for your partner! Planning for a fun date can even keep the passion alive and doing this on a regular basis can save your relationship from stagnating to a point where you actually get bored of each other or do not find the relationship exciting enough. For some, it can be really difficult to come up with new fun date ideas, but this is one of the few steps that can help to maintain a healthy relation with your partner, where dating may no longer be the same old movie hall or the local pub at the corner. There's nothing wrong with candlelit dinners although there are times when all you need to do is bring about some creative and fun ideas to keep that spark alive in the relationship.

Some Interesting Ideas for Fun Dates

Think about the common interests between the both of you. This does not restrict you from planning things, which only your partner would like. Doing something only because your date loves to do it, would show how much you appreciate and care for the person and actually score brownie points for you!

Are you the kind who loves sports or loves to be amidst nature? If your date feels the same, you can plan for a weekend getaway to a cozy corner close to your city. Roughing it out does not mean there is no romance involved! In fact, the only peeping Toms would be a harmless squirrel or even exotic species of birds. Visit the waterfalls or go cross-country skiing. Hike up the mountains or have a warm campfire. This is one such very interesting way to spend a date together with complete privacy amidst the backdrop of nature!

Sure it's pouring and you really dread the thought of going out. This is where you can be wrong! The rains can be a welcome change and you can plan going for a walk in the rain. Walk to a nearby café and follow it up with some amazing hot chocolate. If you live in a woodsy area, you can even have a fun nature walk in the outdoors. Now, if your partner doesn't really like the outdoors, why don't you invite him/her over for a home cooked meal and rent a romantic movie, which you could watch, cuddled up on the rug. Dim out the lights and listen to the gentle pitter-patter of the rain.

Think you need quality time to spend with each other? If the person at the ticket counter at your regular movie hall knows your name and address by now, it's time you plan something unusual that can add the zing back into your relationship. Ditch the movie hall and hire a boat or have a reservation for dinner on a luxurious cruise. Watch the sunset together and follow it up with a sumptuous dinner. Relax by the deck side and spend the evening wrapped up in each other's arms. Hiring your personal boat can give you the freedom to go to a nearby destination and spend the night on an island. You can actually have a bonfire and go for an early morning walk by the beachside. Some of the most amazing picturesque moments can be witnessed in the wee hours of the morning. Have a sunbath together and if you haven't forgotten the massage oils, you can even pamper each other with a relaxing body massage!

There are no limits to fun ideas when it comes to dates. Even if your partner is not an animal lover, you can both volunteer to spend a day with a group that supports and looks after stray animals. This experience will help you learn new things and would prove to be very relaxing for you as well. This is because; animals give unlimited love and care when you shower some affection on them. Besides, the group would also appreciate your help.

Sign up for a hobby class together. How about learning the quick-quick-slow of Salsa? Maybe you may not really find it fascinating to do the New York or the Hand-to-hand but going for the class together itself can help you spend time together if you have really busy schedule. Besides, Salsa will actually make it more romantic being the dance of love and can help to keep the flame burning alive in the relationship. Although it may seem difficult and boring initially, encourage your partner and it may be a matter of a few days till you both begin to enjoy the whole activity. Check out the local nightclubs for Latin American nights and you might just discover you are causing quite a few people to turn green with envy with your well-rehearsed and graceful moves on the dance floor!

If you don't really have the time thanks to your busy schedule to go out of town, you can plan a fun date at home itself. The trick would lie in the way you plan the whole date. Take some time out to decorate your place with some candles, glow sticks and flowers. Place a table by the poolside and turn on some romantic music. Plan for a scavenger hunt and leave some clues along with love notes. Leave a gift with every note. Pick up your date, blindfold him/her and remove it once you reach home. Have a fun time together within the confines of your own home!

If you both enjoy swimming, plan a trip to the beach at the weekend. It also gives you the excuse of showing your perfectly toned body in the new swimsuit! If you do not have the beach close by, you can opt for an indoor pool.

If your date is new to the area where you live, the both of you can have a fun date by visiting all your favorite areas since childhood days. It could be the beach, your college, the amusement park or even a zoo! Have a fun time reliving childhood memories and don't forget to click some photographs as well!

The possibilities to make your dates fun and interesting can be limitless and you can both have a great time planning it together. Make sure you plan something really unique this Valentine's day, and all the dates that follow as well!
By Kashmira Lad
Last Updated: 9/20/2011
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