Ideas for Presentations

To find the right ideas for presentations can be a challenging task. However, with these ideas given below, your task can get easier. Take a look.
When asked to give presentations, most of us get cold feet. Add to it the responsibility of choosing the topic or idea to present, and the anxiety levels are elevated. It is to deal with this anxiety that these ideas for presentations have been given here, along with the right techniques for choosing different topics.

How to Choose Ideas for Presentations

To be able to choose good ideas for presentation topics, you may resort to any of the following tips:
  • Choose a topic that you believe in, and are passionate about. The passion will resonate through your presentation and help you have a lasting effect on your audience. Rather than conducting a drab presentation with a mundane idea, choose an idea that you would like to work with, and that you can provide your own inputs for. Apart from this, it is essential that you have at least basic information about the topic you have chosen. Dabbling in unknown territory can lead you to present the wrong information. If you have done thorough research and are confident about your topic, only then should you go ahead with such a presentation.
  • Among the various presentation ideas, choose a topic that can incorporate several visual aids, such as pictures, videos, graphs, etc. This is because people are known to retain information better in the presence of visual aid, rather than just plain text. A variety of photographs, or graphs for presentations based on data, can have a better and lasting impact on the audience.
  • Choose what is considered one of the most important ideas for presentation: activities. Try and conduct a presentation where you and your audience can do a small activity that will help in understanding the subject better. For instance, at an induction program for new employees at an organization, the employees were asked to play an online game, much to their surprise. It was only after the game was finished that they realized that the purpose of the game was to introduce certain work values to them, that would help them live up to the expectations of the organization. This is an interesting way of introducing elements that otherwise remain unheard in a regular presentation.
  • Choose a topic that is thought-provoking, where the audience can also provide an opinion. For instance, a simple topic like the pros and cons of social networking can help you draw opinions from the audience, and lead to a more effective presentation. Also, a question and answer session, where you may question the audience about their views, or the audience may question you about certain facts, can be introduced. This breaks the monotony of a presentation that is otherwise one sided.
Presentation Topics

Some interesting ideas for presentations can be either on current affairs, topics pertaining to the current environmental scenario, or family, love, and other abstract ideas. Choose from any of these ideas.
  • Highest Paying Jobs vs Job Satisfaction: It is often difficult to have the best of both worlds, highest paying jobs that provide job satisfaction. You could present the subject in a manner that helps a person realize what is more important to her/him.
  • Dating vs Online Dating: There is an obvious difference between actual dating and online dating. Mark out the difference by presenting the realities of both these areas.
  • The Changing Trends in Leadership and Management: With the increasing variety of specializations, and students armed with the best degrees, in search for the best jobs, employees will not settle for anything less than the best. Also, such skilled forces can introduce their own new and effective leadership and management techniques to gain maximum benefits from their skilled staff. A presentation on the newly emerging trends in this field will introduce the world to different techniques that they can use for this purpose.
  • The Benefits of Handwriting Analysis: Handwriting analysis is being increasingly used by organizations in order to recruit the right employees. Use this trend to your benefit by introducing newbies to the necessity and benefits of employing this technique for various purposes. If you are knowledgeable in this field, you can also analyze the handwriting of some of the members of the audience, as an activity to help them understand the subject better.
  • Education vs Intelligence: Several people are under the misconception that those who have had the best education are the intelligent ones, while the uneducated are unintelligent. Break this myth by providing information that counters this belief, perhaps by presenting various examples of people who have made it big without any formal degree.
  • Emotional Intelligence at Work: Highlight the importance of emotional intelligence at work, to incorporate the right work values and ethics among employees.
  • The Art of Parenting Teenagers: With their raging hormones, and drastic mood swings, parenting teenagers can be one roller coaster ride. Offer some tips to such troubled parents, by discussing various related issues and different parenting styles with them.
  • Pros and Cons of Euthanasia: This interesting and thought-provoking presentation topic on the pros and cons of euthanasia, infused with complete data about mercy killing, makes a great idea for a presentation. Be careful not to involve your personal opinion in the subject as it is one that is sensitive.
  • The Negative Influences of Media: Media can have the impact we desire, but today, it is going beyond information dissemination and is having a deep impact on our lifestyle and behavior. Mark out these effects in a presentation with different examples about the negative influences of media to aid you.
  • Blogging Vs Journalism: This is a huge debate that has been raging for a while. Though the two have now come together in more ways than one, several prefer one over the other. Introduce the debate on blogging vs. journalism with a presentation on this interesting subject.
Based on the above-mentioned tips on choosing ideas for presentations combined with the choices presented, you can create a memorable and persuasive presentation for your audiences. Good luck!
By Puja Lalwani
Published: 3/30/2010
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