If I Could

A simple love poem.
If I could find a song bird,
I'd place it on your windowsill,
To sing the song of our love,
And chase away the morning chill.

If I could find a sweet rose,
I'd place it on your pillow,
To gently scent your sleep's repose,
With the good smell of tomorrow.

If I could tell your future,
And I'm pretty sure I can,
I'd send you dreams to nurture,
By placing my heart in your hand.

If I could write you a letter,
Explaining how I feel,
I'd say we're meant to stick together,
Like the envelope I seal.

If I could kiss your sweet lips,
I'd kiss them all the while,
Until I lost myself in their softness,
To be found again in your smile.

If I could lay beside you,
Forever and a day,
I'd bring the sunshine to you,
And warm you in its rays.

For you see, you are as nature,
Such a lovely sight to see,
The most pleasantly, pleasing vista,
You mean all the world to me.
Published: 5/2/2012
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