If I Had a Dime

I'm short-tempered and I do have many flaws, but without them, I wouldn't be where I am today.
If I had a dime,
For every time I said,
I needed more time,
I’d start some business,
Or I could buy 20 buses.

That’s right,
They’re all plural,
Because I’m such a procrastinating gal,
And if I had a dime,
For every time I whined,
I’d be a millionaire,
Because it’s not rare,
For you to find me whining,
About the things, how I wish,
I was lying,
Because sometimes the truth isn’t so great.

When you know, the crime’s fate,
And If you had a dime,
Every time you found me napping,
Because if not,
You know you’d be yapping.

I’m sometimes inactive, so lazy,
That if World War III begins,
It won’t faze me,
But I can be hormonal,
So extreme, out of control,
That sometimes I have to calm myself down,
Because on people’s faces, I could be a frown.

Sometimes people think I’m a loon,
Sometimes I think, I’ve seen my doom,
But, wait, I can be very smart,
That I can win people’s hearts.

Still I can swing to having a vacuum in my head,
That I think to myself, "Am I made of lead?"
But I mean, come on, I am very versatile,
It’s true, I’m out of my mind, every once in a while.

But this shouldn’t be judged,
Shouldn’t be nudged
Because this makes up most of me,
This temper makes me feel free and ME.
Published: 6/5/2014
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