If Only You Listened

For my friend who threw my caution to the wind.
I saw you lose your soul,
To the demons of your youth,
I warned you but you thought me a fool,
Now, in the vale of your miseries,
I'll sit and watch you get crashed,
By the errors of your arrogance.

Pitifully I had to let you go,
With the violent current of the heinous flow,
'Cause when I called you before,
To rescue you with the tow,
Stubbornly you said nah,
But I still do not want to see you die.

If only you had taken my advice as a lifeline,
Maybe one day, as you sat to wine and dine,
You would narrate to generations to come,
How back in your youthful days, (now gone with time),
Life's storms almost threw you askew,
But before it was too late you ran.

Try, pretty girl to row,
At least get yourself to the shore,
Lest you die in the turbulence of the sea of life,
That kills faster than a stab of a knife,
You are too young to lose your soul,
To this life's foul.
Published: 7/14/2014
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