If Pigs Could Fly

When love grows stale.
If pigs could fly,
Would you fly with them?
Would you flutter away to another place,
To another land?
Would you desert me again?

I feel abandoned,
Left out on a limb,
You never talk to me anymore,
No ridicule or complaint,
Just emptiness, like before.

And I know my phone feels unused,
But I bet yours feels the same.
Maybe we should both wash our hands,
And go our separate ways.

I've watched pigs fly;
Long time in the past;
But they flew just the same,
Like Red Arrows in the sky,
They seemed to spell your name...

But that was a long time ago,
Long dead and dusted.
A long forgotten friendship,
That yearned to be adjusted...
Now it's busted!

And I know my phone feels unused,
For it never gets your advert,
It's as if it's battery died,
Just like our affair!

Published: 10/3/2018
Bouquets and Brickbats