If You Back Me as President, I Will be Your Next President of the United States of America

Political, truth, and future.
The other day, me and a friend of mine came up with an idea. Maybe not enough time but I would be your President, one you can trust to stop all mis-actions that effect all American citizens. With all rights instilled in me, I could do a better job than any of the potential hopefuls. All I ask is to be backed, followed, and together we can get America off and out of the black path. You may ask what is the black path, I'll explain. As Americans, we have rights we don't know about. We have people running around doing nothing. I ask that you walk with me through the journey. Be there for history and future of unique beings. Ask yourself, are you really comfortable with the current list?

Nope, that's real. I am real, the realest that ever lived. I will not let my future family go through the tough times and scrape to make ends meet. President would be challenging, but if you don't push paperwork, we will get nothing done. When you don't know Law, it is a disadvantage, if it is not known, you have the right to request the research on the law to be revealed. Thus setting the stones, or is that stepping stones who knows. The path our country has been on needs to change.

Washington and all of America needs to stir clear of all dark paths. We need to stand united and carry our future promises that we cared about our future presence on Earth. 'United we stand, Divided we fall'. I've been researching a lot these days, investigating and looking at issues of every American... poor, rich, black, white, tall, and short. From the 912 area to Compton, to Savannah, to Gadsden, to New York, Africa... It matters not where we are at. As a person, America really needs to move forward with great ending results. We have a promise to our future, and we must keep the very sacred, undeniable, promise to do our part.

America we need a person to take office. We all know Barack Obama is a great President. I don't really think people should continue chewing away at a person, when truly you don't know the person you talk of as if you are doing something, what hurting a very intelligent person, in which you should cherish Barack Obama. With the election lined up, to all good luck. A saying 'Don't count your chickens before they hatch.' America wake up.
Published: 10/7/2015
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