If You Were Dying

Ever wonder about what it would be like if you found out you were dying?
What would you do if you learned you were dying?
Would that be the end? Would you give up trying?
Would you work hard to make something of yourself?
Would you reflect on the thoughts of someone else?

Would you sit and cry alone?
Would you call a friend and have your tears known?
Would they cry with you and say they'll miss you?
Will the two of you run out of tissues?

Would you quit school, and work off your debt?
Would you mope return and just think of regrets?
Would you spend time with friends before your gone?
Or say "I'll see you at the funeral" and carry on?

Who would show up at your funeral?
Would you be sitting in your casket, beautiful?
Would they all cry as they wished you farewell?
Would some say they'll see you in hell?

How will you say goodbye to those left behind?
Would it be touching, with their feelings in mind?
Would it be realistic, with your thoughts in truth?
Will you tell tales of your life and your youth?

I would all wish my friends well.
Tell them I gave in my all in the end.
Tell them to think of me once in a while,
Just as long as they remembered to smile.
Published: 1/22/2011
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