I'll Wait Here

I'll wait for the day, she is mine again, even if it takes my lifetime. My soul will find her in the next life. We will always be... so never give up on someone you love.
I'll wait here anxiously,
Call in the calvary,
Didn't mean to make you a scapegoat,
You were the beautiful coat.

... on my skin,
When you were around,
I felt paper thin and cold inside,
As my bold ego began to fade.

I tried to do everything,
I could but in the end,
I was the one who cried.

Baby you have no idea,
How much I miss you,
How I wish I could kiss you,
Just one time and make you mine,
All over again,
And everything would be fine.

When your friends become enemies,
And your family leaves you behind,
You know you can find your home,
Inside my heart, the doors unlocked,
Nothing blocking the way.

No matter what I say,
I can't force you back in my life,
But everyday that knife in the kitchen,
Becomes more and more beautiful,
As I slowly paint it red,
How long until I'm completely dead inside...

But if it means, you'll be mine again,
I'll wait here anxiously,
Call in the calvary,
And set up the guns command the artillery.

Burn me down, shoot me up rip,
My heart out tare, my soul apart,
Do with me as you please,
But baby... always remember,
I'll wait here for the day,
You are mine as long as it takes...

I'm sorry for all the mistakes taken,
So many breaks and so many heartaches,
The smiles of fakes.

If I could go back in time,
I would change it all,
And maybe this fall or next,
We'll fall in love once again...

I could die in your arms a million times...
In this life the next no matter,
How many times I die,
No matter how many lives it takes,
I'll fight for your soul and my soul,
To be beside each other...
This is what the world would call "soulmates"

I'll wait here anxiously...
Can we fall back to the moments,
When we were in love,
Can we bring back the wait..
I'll wait here...
Just let please tell me,
If it's possible give me a sigh,
Give me hope...
I'll wait...

The season gets colder,
You're leaving me out in the rain,
The scars begin to hurt,
I begin to go insane,
Can't take this kind of pain.

As I lay here,
And my life flashes before my eyes,
I can see that beautiful smile once again...
I can die in peace,
With that image stuck in my mind,
Knowing one day my soul,
Will find you again,
Till that day..

I'll wait here,
6 feet under and,
I'll never accept defeat,
I'll fight for you and,
I'll wait...I'll wait...I'll wait here,
Without a tear on my face,
Knowing the place for me is in your heart.
Published: 11/25/2011
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