I'm Broken

I know how it feels to be broken
I feel like I'm being left out
I feel like I'm getting let down
I feel like everybody's playing me
Pulling me, jerking me around
So just leave me
Sitting quietly in the dark
And just leave me
Agonizingly shattering apart
Because I'm breakable
Even my tears fall sometimes
I'm breakable
The cracks show through, the tiny lines
I'm breakable
Catch me before I fall
I'm breakable
My screams echo in the hall
So breakable
Try to catch me in one piece
I'm breakable
These troubled fears will not cease
So save me
Before the lights go out
And save me
From all the things they write about
Save me
From my demons in the night
Save me
Tell me everything is all right.
Published: 5/7/2009
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