I'm Coming Home - 11

I made this one a bit longer. Enjooooyyy (:
Lorelei ; 
Erik and I walked back towards Fancy talking. 
Yes, as in a legit conversation! We talked about everything from sports to food( my favorite subject). 
Then he told me about the announcements after the lockdown was over," They came on and announced that he was caught and that we had Haiden Scott and Lorelei Blake to thank. " he smiled. 
I grinned proudly," Well it was me who stopped him." 
"How did you do that?" 
I shrugged,"I made it pretty impossible for him to have children. "
Erik cringed. 
I smiled as we reached Haidens car. He was sitting in it listening to the music. 
I hopped in like before and greeted him," Yo, bro !" 
He rolled his eyes at my fake-ghetto talk. He eyed Erik then glance at me. "You two all good now?" 

I looked at Erik who nodded. "Were alright now." 
Haiden smiled. "Good, you need a ride?" he asked Erik. 
He shook his head," Nah, I'm gonna head back to school, lunch ends in 15 minutes and I need to swipe back in before I'm locked out. " He held up his ID for school as an emphasis. 
We both nodded," Alright. Talk to you later. " 
"Peace. " he said walking down the sidewalk. 
Haiden and I rode to my new home. 
Around here the neighborhood is fairly wealthy so my house was pretty large. 
I got out once Haiden turned of the car and walked up the driveway after grabbing my stuff from the back. 
I opened our French glass doors and yelled ," MADRE I'M HOME!" my voice echoed through the foyer. 

"WHY?" she yelled back from upstairs. 
"I ALMOST GOT SHOT!" I yelled back. 
Haiden struggle to hold back a laugh as my mother ran down the stairs in fleec PJs and a Chestnut High t-shirt bewildered. 
"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN YOU ALMOST GOT SHOT!?" she yelled as she ran to me engulfing me in a hug. She then noticed Haiden. "Was it him ? Cause I know you hate each other but seriously? Attempted murder is blowing it out of proportions!" she exclaimed horrified. 
I laughed at Hadiens WTF look. "As a matter of fact Lor and I have called a truce." Haiden said matter-of-factly. 
My mom was shocked. "Seriously?!" she was excited. 
I nodded," White flag and everything. " I joked going over to hug Haiden. 
She smiled then turned serious. "Were you joking about almost getting shot?" 
My face fell a little and shook my head," There was a active shooter in school. We were locked out of every class. Long story short I kicked his ass and he was arrested." I smiled proudly. 

"And, were being honored Saturday at the court house for our bravery. Because you know we BOTH had a part in kicking his ass. " Haiden added. 
My mom shook her head," Dios santo, Lorelei. You were there for like TWO hours, and already you're getting shot at?!" she exclaimed and walked back upstairs muttering something that sounded a lot like," Why the hell did I ever put her in wrestling ?" 
I shrugged and walked over to the black suede sectional couch and turned on the 52 flat screen. I immediately put on Tom&Jerry. 
I sat Indian-style and watched intently as Tom fell off a building.... Again. I smiled loving this show and then I felt another weight to my left. I saw Haiden watching the TV like a five year old. 
I snickered enjoying this moment. Us together as brother and sister just watching TV without fighting. 
This is how it should've been YEARS ago, but better late than never right? 
I closed my eyes and smiled wide loving today. Forgiveness, love, and family. 
This day was one that needed to happen just to put things into perspective for me. 
I just need to stop sweating and let things take course. 
I thought about all this as I suddenly fell asleep on the very comfortable couch. 
Well I made this longer. I'm gonna post two very short chapters for Iris. I jus needed fillers to lead up to this big event in the story I'm coming up with. Thank you for the patience (: Comment with your thoughts:D
Published: 3/18/2011
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