I'm in Love... It's a Special Day

A poem about Love.
Sight of you brightens my day,
A smile of you makes my heart happy,
I feel so content, I feel so sappy,
Yes, I am in love... it's a special day!

When the spring is all green and new...
And the tulips shining with morning drops of dew...
When I hear sweet whispers, while I gaze at the deep blue sky all day...
And when I see rainbows in the month of May...
I know this is love... Ah! ..what a wonderful day!

I want to kiss the morning breeze,
I want to walk thru the woods and wear the sunshine so warm,
I want to drape twilight and plead the time to freeze,
I want to travel thru the stars when you hold me in your arms.

And once again... on this star-spangled night,
Violins have charmed my world with delight,
I am head over heels... the world's so perfect,
It's so true... it's the love effect...

Just one glance of you,
Your eyes so deep and brown,
You've put me under your spell,
And my world's just spun around...

Now I can't wait to watch,
The sunset with you,
Every sunset from that day,
Till the rest of our lives are through...
Published: 1/10/2013
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