I'm Not Too Exact

I try really hard actually.
I wish that one day,
I'll be able to express my hate,
Easily through poetry...
To be able to make the blood from veins,
Breathe life into my words.

Then I can be sure that you feel,
The pain in my aching body,
And with that pain I want you to fall,
I want you to collapse,
And struggle for breath.

Like I do everyday,
I need to make you understand,
That I'm not living anymore,
I'm falling and I'm crashing,
Into the things that matter...

The glass inside my bones is breaking,
And I hope you see your face,
In the few pieces of my body,
That my thoughts have not yet managed to erase.

So with this last breath in my soul,
I want you to know the pain in my heart,
And the chaos in my brain,
Is real and not a story.

I'm tired and I finally understand,
That you are too,
I'd be the first to tell you,
That there's really nothing to complain about,
But that part of my body has already burned out.
Published: 2/10/2014
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