I'm Sorry I Lied

Love wasn't enough.
Would you please listen to me
After everything that we have been through
After all the tears and the lies
After all the pain and abuse
After everything you have done
You cannot just walk away.

Just please look at me, damn you look at me
These scars that you left won’t heal on their own
Walking away and turning off your phone won’t solve our problems
Killing me won’t solve your problems either
Death for us is just another step we must take
Was it an accident that you fell into the bus.

Was it fate that I never came home
These dark thoughts that we keep in our head will be the end of us
Really do you think I will ever forget you, ever forgive you
Till death do us apart was written in stone and etched in blood
Would you please just stop and listen to me, just for once would you listen
I don’t care that you left me for her,
I don’t care that you sold my soul so you could smile.

Chain me, burn me. Kill me if you must. Just please come home tonight
After everything that you have done and said I still love you
So please don’t take this the hard way
Don’t look at me with those blue lifeless eyes.
Don’t cry for me. Because I won’t be crying for you
I wasn’t kidding when I said I didn’t care
I was just lying when I said I love you.
Published: 6/27/2011
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