I'm Sorry, I'm Grateful

It's been a long, emotional day.
I'm sorry, we fight,
And argue, and bicker,
I'm sorry for jealously,
And nights of liquor.

I'm sorry for the pain,
I'm sorry for the hurt,
I'm sorry that the rain,
Won't wash off the dirt.

I'm sorry when we're wrong,
For the awkward and tension,
I'm sorry for the song,
And its new reinvention.

But I'm grateful for the laughs,
For the hope and the happy,
I'm grateful for us,
And the chance to be sappy.

I'm grateful, it's true,
For your beautiful smile,
I'm grateful that you,
Still love me from miles.

I'm grateful for love,
I'm grateful for you,
I'm grateful that you,
Feel this way, too.
Published: 6/13/2012
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