I'm Sorry Mummy! - Chapter 1

6 years old Jace loves his Mum so much. His Dad was never around... It was always him and her. Scene takes place in school. The children are making Mother's Day cards.
Chapter 1: Mother's Day Card

"Alright kids! You have fifteen minutes left, before its home time. If you need help, put your hands up and I'll come to you." Mrs. Foster said, wiping the glitter off her hands. She sighed when the glitter refused to budge. "If I can't come to you because I'm busy, or helping others, ask the person next to you for help."

Jace nodded, then carefully cut around his chosen picture. The picture was of a beautiful, black-haired angel. Her hair was naturally wavy and glossy. She had the most amazing blue eyes Jace had ever seen. When he stared at them, he could almost see the whole entire galaxy. It was far beyond beautiful.

She had perfect, white complexion that captured the sun's glorious shine. In her lovely, slim arms, she held a cute, chubby baby boy. He was smiling. She was smiling.

Jace looked nothing like her. He had his father's blonde hair and green eyes. He didn't like how he reminded his Mum of his Dad. He didn't think he did, but he remembered the day when she told him. She was very angry and upset with him then.

Actually, come to think of it, she's always angry with little Jace. Sometimes she would say weird stuff to him. He couldn't fully understand what they meant, but he knew it wasn't good.

But he wants to change that. He's going to be a good little boy, so his Mum wouldn't be so angry. That's why he's taking extra special care with his Mother's Day card.

"Jacey," Lizzie, his best friend, said. "Could you please help me with mine? I'll give you a candy heart!"

Jace nodded his head slowly. He never spoke much, knowing that if he did, he'll only anger and upset others.

"Thank you so much!" Lizzie chirped happily. She slammed her work in front of him. Jace cautiously moved his own work away to one side.

He couldn't let Lizzie or anyone else touch it. It was for his Mum. He didn't want to get it ruined. It had to be perfect. It just had to be.
Published: 5/19/2012
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