I'm Sorry

Had a relationship go sour in the past, and once she was gone, I signed up for, and shipped out to USMC bootcamp.. Never did meet back up with her...heh..good...
I find you so damn beautiful.
My feelings for you are plentiful.
I wish I could stay, but can't.

So I won't go on for long, and rant.
I am sorry we got so close.
And have to part so quick.

But serious problems arose.
Don't think of me, as a dick.
You are truly something special

Even though you are a handful
I still think you are cute
Something you cannot refute

I will miss you with all my heart
I am so sorry we have to part
We must say goodbye and farewell

Even though it will prove to be hell
you should, fear not, for this is best
This cannot be fixed, without a long test

When I get out I will seek you
For I know, to not would make me a fool.
Published: 6/3/2009
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