I'm Still Into You

A short love story based on author's life. Please do comment.
My Love Story

Back in 2012, Parker and I first met. We were classmates in various subjects, we had the same major. He's a typical guy when you look at him. You'll never guess that behind his innocent look is a very intelligent, kind, respectful and thoughtful guy. He was sweet to everyone including me. He was every girls' guy best friend and every guy's best bro. He's just so him. I never really thought I would have a huge crush on him nor being into him. At first, I was just impressed. Nothing more, nothing less.

Then another semester came in, change of subjects and instructors and some of the classmates but not us two. I'm still on the same class as him. Since we knew each other way better than other new classmates, we often talk. But not small talk. Talk about studies and school stuff. Nothing personal. Just talking as close classmates. That time, I've been hearing rumors of us. Some say, "They look good together". Others say "They really get each other since they're both smart" and I'm like, "These rumors are so lame" because that time, I haven't realized yet that I'm starting to like him, way more than just a friend.

In the year 2013, everything is new. We're not classmates anymore. I'm quite glad because the rumors have stopped but at the same time I was sad because I'm all alone again. I'm not friendly so I rarely talk to others in class especially when it has nothing to do about studies. I liked having "me-time". And then there comes the Annual Science Quiz Bee. My lovely instructor said 3 representatives per year level is required to enter the Science stuff. And so having a good grade in my Chemistry and Biochemistry subjects made me be included in that Quiz bee. and then she announced the other two who came from other class. Fortunately, it's Parker and Julian. The guys with the largest brains. I was not surprised because every trio competition, they're always my teammates. So yeah.

We studied more science during our free time. There were questions about science everywhere. But that time, it was not the Science Quiz Bee that I'm worried about. It's Parker, my relationship with him. It's like my mind will go blank whenever I see him or whenever I hear his voice. And then I realized and said, "Shit. I think I really like him."

The day of the competition came. We won first place overall. I could not be more happy when he hugged me and said, "Well done". But what I cannot forget about that experience was during the elimination round, he was trembling. He's shaking. And he's very cute. And then he tells me and Julian, "Sorry guys, I'm really not used to many people around me." That's the moment I never wouldn't want to forget.

In the year 2014... We became classmates again. Although a lot of things have changed. I met other friends and same goes with him. We talk sometimes. Whenever he would forget to bring an examination paper and nobody else had extra except me. Whenever he would collect money for the funds of our student council. Oh by the way, did I mention he's our student council president? Yeah. A lot of things happened and changed but not the way I feel for him.

2015... A friend of mine, Liz, noticed how often I looked at Parker. She was very observant because I admit, I always looked at him. But all those times of looking at him are also times of heartbreak. Because he never looked back, not even once. I decided to share this little secret of mine to Liz because I never doubted her ability to keep secrets. I told her I liked Parker very much. And then there comes the problem, Liz cannot keep secrets at all. She told our classmates and our other friends. The next thing I know, everyone knows about it. Everyone except him, I hoped.

Days have passed and we are preparing for a valentine's ball. Being the unfriendly girl that I am, nobody have asked me to be their date, not even the gays in my class. I was planning not to go, because in the first place I don't really like parties or balls. But afternoon before the day of the ball, Parker talked to me. He was stuttering while saying, "Would you be my date at the ball?" I was shocked, flattered, and overwhelmed. I was not expecting for that. At least not that day. And so, I said, "Sure."

Valentine's ball... Yipee. He said I looked beautiful. Gawd. He's the most handsome man I've ever seen. We danced, laughed, talked and danced again. It was a beautiful night, the happiest night in my entire life. And then we went outside, sat on a bench at the school garden. He was trembling, like the way he did on the Science Quiz bee. He was sweating. He held my hand, and then he said, "I am the luckiest guy tonight because I get to dance with you. You're smart, charming, and very sincere. I like you. I like you since the first year we met. I like the way you smile. I like the way you scribble on your note when you're bored. I like the way you look at me even when you think I don't notice you. I like you. WILL YOU BE MY GIRLFRIEND?"


And then I woke up. I never went to the ball with him, he never asked me to. He never said he liked me. He never even cared that I liked him even when all his friends told him what Liz told them. He was never into me. He only saw me as a geek classmate with a lot of imperfection or not. But still, he never liked me.

The truth is, we're not talking to each other very often. Sometimes even smiles are awkward. Maybe he doesn't like me at all. But yeah, I'm still into him. I still find him cute, intelligent and kind and all the good things you can say to compliment a guy. And this is how my love story ends.


Thank you for reading. Please comment if you think Liz contributed to the negativity of this story. Love lots.
Published: 8/3/2015
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