I'm With You (Part 2)

A letter to a friend who had left 11 years ago.
Dear friend,
Maybe my promise,
Seems a lie,
But trust me,
When you will be alone,
I will be there as an airtone.

Maybe my company,
Boredom you,
Maybe my activities, irritate you,
But trust me,
When you look for someone,
To share your feelings,
Then I will be there,
And can understand your unspoken words.

You may pretend me that,
You are happy, when you are sad,
You may laugh, when you are in pain,
You may hide everything,
But remember dear,
It's me,
Who feel for you,
Who trust you,
Who understand you,
Who know you,
Who is always with you even when,
You will break my heart into pieces.
Published: 1/19/2015
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