I'm You? You're Me? - Prelude

The Catwoman's curiosity leads her to experiment with a new device. And in doing so, she nets two teenaged girls. These girls happen to be Kelli and Cindy. A.K.A as The White Pearl and Young Batgirl.
When I opened my eyes, I found myself looking at a straight-backed chair. The one beside my bed in my room. I found I was lying crossways on my bed. I was horizontal on it, not vertical as it were. To my right were my fluffy pillows, the ones my head usually was on when I slept at night.

I could see my arms were dangling over the side of the bed. I was still wearing a lavender tank top (a lavender top?) which meant I wasn't wearing my night-clothes which usually consisted of an old t-shirt and panties. Not a classy nighttime wardrobe but for a fourteen-year-old girl I imagined, nothing out of the ordinary.

I lifted my head and for a moment the room spun but soon my head cleared and I could again see over to the window and could see it was dark outside, night.

Glancing to the right to the nightstand I could see the digital clock which told me it was 9:14. Mom would be at work since she worked the six to six shift at the hospital.

I pushed myself up and sat on the edge of the bed straightening the hem of the white, big pocketed skirt I was wearing. A skirt I had seen but didn't remember owning. My chin hurt too and it felt sore when I touched it with my fingertips. "Ouch!"

I sat for a minute trying to recall just how I had gotten here, at this moment. For the life of me I couldn't piece as to how I had gotten to where I was at the minute.Yes, I was a bit confused but it all came back when I turned to look behind me at the cot against the far wall, the cot Cindy slept on when we had our 'sleepovers'.

Lying on it, fully clothed but appearing to be asleep was, not Cindy, but it was a girl her age. No, that girl wasn't Cindy but I knew who it was.

It was Me!!
Published: 9/17/2012
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