Just Imagine!

A spiritual poem
Imagine that your soul is timeless,
Imagine that you've lived before,
Imagine that your time is endless,
Would you be happy now or want more?

Imagine that you could paint your canvas,
With whatever you want life to be,
Are you close to your heart's desire,
Or far away from all you see?

Imagine at the end of life,
No oblivion, no condemnation, just love,
Welcomed home by all who love you,
Your soul to soar like a gliding dove.

No fires of hell to burn and damn you,
Just our God from heaven above,
Welcoming you home to a dazzling garden,
Surrounded by his wondrous love.

Imagine at the time of judgement,
Standing before heaven's throne,
Our God extending arms of love,
To welcome you to your eternal home.
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Published: 10/6/2017
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