Impossible Love - Chapter Ten

Sorry for the late update, next chapter will soon come! Ally and Jasper's love story... was it love? Was it impossible love? Or was it just lust? Majority of the time people mistaken lust for love. We often see people we cannot seem to do without them. This was the situation somewhat with Ally and Jasper.

As I reached in my office that day... I went straight to washroom, and I cried and cried... I thought to myself, it was that easy for him to move on, then I was of no worth to him. He didn't even try to amend things... I was having so many ridiculous thoughts that I was blaming him for not fighting for me. I was lost.


We all go through some experiences in life, we sometimes question God what is the purpose of going through them... what lessons are we supposed to learn? The truth of the matter is, life experiences are just experiences, they allow us to grow and help us not to make the same mistake twice.

Ally was young, she was 25, well-educated. Her life story was pretty straightforward. She had a strong family bond as well as sheltered. Jasper on the other hand, was almost 30, he had a strong family bond as well, but the company he kept and the wrong things he used to do in life ended that bond. He had been through a lot; from being with tons of women, to losing his wife, child and family, and later to being jailed and deported...

Though Ally and Jasper were two different personalities they were extremely attracted to each other. But that wasn't love. If it were some kind of sacrifice, it would have been made to hold that love forever...


Ally's POV

When I tried to come to terms with my life, I started doing things differently. I never kept my life on a one-path. I mixed and shake things up a little. I came out of that comfort zone I was in and I felt a little better about myself.

"Bye Lana," I said to Lana as I walked up to my office building. I was doing some soul-searching at home. I made myself realized that one time I allowed too many people to come into my life and destroyed it. But I wasn't going to let a person like Jasper do that to me.

Walking up to my building, I noticed a black pick up like Jasper's, drove past me, when the vehicle came nearby, I didn't look at it for long to create a scene. So I watched the other direction. As I walked up further, I noticed that the van was parked at the side of Latte Cafe, and down the street, there he was. Jasper was sitting with a girl outside the cafe. She was beautiful. I guessed she was the mysterious Leena.

Not to impose... I just watched right ahead and walked past them without saying anything. I didn't even notice him glanced at me.. but then again what did I want... him glancing at me. I made my choice. I wanted to have nothing to do with Jasper, but why was it so hard to let go. I wasn't going to give up, I wanted to get my life back on track and grow from all this.

It was official for me. It was done and over for good. I wanted to have nothing to do with Jasper. From that moment I made up my mind that I was not going to invade his Facebook profile again. I was going to delete his number from my phone, I was going to get rid of him from my life once and for all. Holding my head up high, I walked past them and I walked straight to my office building.


Jasper's POV

"Hey babe?" I phoned Leena to ask her where she was. The weekend I spent with her was awesome, she really helped me to feel better. I was amazed how easily I got Ally out of my mind. I couldn't stop thinking about her and now... I didn't give a fuck about her.

She hurt me. She hurt me really bad. I wanted nothing to do with her. I was not going to call, text or talk her ever again. I was making my mind hard and was going to move on with my life. I was so happy that Leena was here for me, maybe she is the one for me. Maybe Leena is the one I am supposed to move on with.

That morning, as I drove to meet Leena at the cafe, I noticed Ally passed by. She was just the simple Ally I used to know. She was so much different than Leena. Leena was the type of woman who was into things like makeup, hair and nail styles etc. but Ally, Ally was simple and elegant. Both Leena and Ally were beautiful in their own ways. They both have attracted me to them.

As I parked the vehicle, I noticed that Leena had already found some seats and was waiting for me. When we kissed and hug, I noticed Ally was walking up the street. I didn't want to let her see me watching her, so I tried my best. I took Leena's hand into mine and stared back at her.

But as I looked at Leena, I noticed that Ally didn't even acknowledge me. I wasn't hurt, but that was right there, it was over between us both. I accepted her decision and decided to not impose on her life.

That day I met Leena, for breakfast, lunch and asked her to come over to my place for dinner. I was determined to move back to the Jasper I always were.


8 p.m. That Night...

I ordered Italian food from the restaurant nearby and waited for Leena to come over. As I waited, I decided to go on Facebook to check if Sian was online, so that I could have spoken to my son for a while.

As I logged on Facebook, I noticed that Sian changed her display picture. She was my wife, she was mother of my son. Sian was in a picture with a man and she was kissing and hugging that man. The time I spotted the picture, I felt a little hole in my heart. I didn't know why I reacted so when I saw that picture, but it felt as though I lost another big part of my life.

Soon after I heard a knock on the door and noticed it was Leena. I let her in. From that moment I was no longer in any mood for company, but Leena she could be persistent.

After dinner, I lay on the bed next to Leena. As I watched her sleeping, I thought to myself how soon she too was going to leave me. Every good influence in my life was leaving in short periods of time; my mother, sisters, wife and Ally. I turned away as my eyes filled with tears. It was a reflection of my life and how it was going to be if I didn't make a change of it.
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Published: 5/16/2013
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