Impossible Love

...:/ I have a crush on a girl but I can't date her...:/
A thousand eyes watching me.
Surrounded by lies can't you see.
My heart just dies knowing we can't be.
Slowly fading away in the distance surrounded yet unheard.
Scars..Scars...continue to remind me of the past in the end all I have is scars. I can't take this pain anymore just let my blood spill like a heavy rain.
Broken heart torn apart soul with no control!!!

Knowing you would never catch me.
In my arms you would be safe.
I'll hold on tight and with all my might I'll fight for you despite what anyone says!
Baby love is about sacrifice and I would give it all just to be with you.
Hold on and don't let go.
You know I'll try my best so hold on and don't let go.
When I find myself alone somehow you're beside me every step I take. Every action I make.
You're there to guide me there's no mistake.
Baby I'm going crazy cuz baby you're all I see!

Knowing I can never be yours I stay by you're side as long as you stay by mine I'll be fine.
So hang on and don't let go!
I'm here to fight that fear and wipe away your tear.
Like a dog with a bone I just can't leave you alone.
My heart continues to beat as I race to first place.
First or last as long I'm in your mind baby I'll find a way to say how I feel because baby these feelings are real. so as I hang on tight I'll whisper into your ear.
"Baby I'll never let go"
So put your faith in me and you'll see that were meant to be!
Published: 12/16/2010
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