Impressionable Nightmares

Ever had that nightmare that is all impressions, where nothing seems clear?
Smoke filled room
Blinding flashing lights
Blaring noises
The sounds of fights
Breaking glass
Stabbing pain
Feeling lonely
Feeling shame
All alone
But in a crowd
Watching the world
Through a shroud
Hands pull
Nails rake
An overwhelming thirst
Water will not slake
Tears fall
No relief
Tears of pain
Tears of grief
Can't run
Can't get away
Can't talk
What would I say?
Eyes shut
Can't move
This is my fault
The voices approve
Wake up
It's too much
But you're not here
For me to touch
Open my eyes
See only dark
The arrow shoots
Hits the mark
How much longer
Till you're in my arms?
How much longer
Till I'm safe from harm?
Published: 5/9/2009
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