How to Improve Circulatory System

Improving circulatory system will have a great impact on your health. Not only will you feel energetic and rejuvenated, other faculties of your body will develop significantly to impart you an enhanced feeling of well-being.
Circulatory system is the logistic department of our body. Be it oxygen, food, water, fluids and nutrients, everything is transported to every cell of the human body through a network of hundreds of thousands of blood vessels. Imagine the scenario wherein your blood circulation is poor. Most of the essential requirements of the body will remain unmet leading to several physical and mental/psychological problems. To improve circulatory system, you need to work upon it consistently. In case, you can't exactly figure out why is effective blood circulation so important for the body, you should know various symptoms, that you may encounter due to poor blood circulation.

Why Improve Blood Circulation?
Your body will signal through various symptoms regarding the poor circulation inside the body. It will show signs that will probably be in the form of medical problems or uneasiness in daily living. Prominent signs of problems in blood circulation can be any of the following.
  • Fatigue is a direct result of improper blood circulation. If you experience lack of energy or you get exhausted just after working for few hours, your blood circulation may be poor.
  • Called numbness or feeling of sensation or tingling in mobile body parts like legs, hands, feet and toes, this a sign that your circulatory system is not working efficiently.
  • Loss of hair is also related to ineffectiveness in the circulatory system. When proper nutrients are not reaching to the hair follicles, they become weak and hair loss occurs faster.
  • Skin dryness is another negative effect of poor blood flow in the body.
  • Frequent episodes of headaches must not be ignored as they can be the hint towards some problems in the blood circulation.
  • Skin color change (turns yellowish or appears more pale).
  • Lack of stamina in daily life or during physical exercises and climbing stairs.
  • Leg cramps just after walking for sometime or during workouts/playing sports.
  • Confusion and loss of memory. If blood is not supplied to the brain properly, its functioning is bound to be impaired.
  • Increased risk of infections owing to improper immune system.
  • Shortness of breath and uneasiness.
Causes Behind Poor Blood Circulation
An unhealthy lifestyle especially smoking, alcoholism and drug abuse can lead to deteriorating health of an individual due to impairment of the blood circulation. Physical inactivity or insufficient exercise, poor eating habits and poor sitting habits continued for many years (in office working people) leads to problems in the blood circulation. Besides these common reasons, various medical health complications can also lead to problems of poor blood circulation. Pregnancy, diabetes, thyroid disease, high BP, obesity, anemia and pneumonia are some medical issues that can interfere with smooth blood circulation.

How to Improve Circulatory System
Health tips are something that we love to read but when it comes to following them, we fail to make dedicated efforts. I've been struggling with procrastination habit since my teenage years. I bunk my workouts many times, will gobble up anything that is placed in front of me and I never say a NO to chocolates or coffee. After having joined a Yoga class, now I feel that by staying fit and healthy, I can contribute to a better life for myself as well as to my community. To improve the functioning of your circulatory system, you must introspect about your lifestyle. Are you lazy? Do you rarely workout? If yes, then it is time to make changes in such activities. Don't let anything take away your focus from exercising for few hours per day. Exercises improve the working of blood circulation significantly. They also strengthen cardiovascular muscles. Joining a gym or a yoga class can be a great motivation for you. Once you have started exercising and working out, you must be careful about your diet. If you're obese or overweight, you may consult an expert for a proper balanced diet regime. Avoid eating junk food. The need to quit smoking and similar habits needn't be highlighted any more because these are certainly deadly habits. They show their results just after few years of being involved in them. These lifestyle changes will ensure that your blood circulation system performs at its peak. Fibrous foods, green vegetables, fruits, nuts, garlic are some important dietary recommendations to improve circulatory system. For causes related to medical conditions, one must not delay in visiting a medical expert. An expert doctor will recommend you medications for improving blood circulation. In case of medical problems, the doctor will go to the root of the problem and will try to eliminate it.

Our body being an extremely complex machine is interdependent on every system for maintaining our health. If digestive system fails to work, a strong circulatory system won't alone carry the responsibility of keeping us alive and active. All organs and systems work simultaneously to impart us life and longevity. Realizing this fact is important as that will help us to take care of our bodies with increased awareness.
By Kundan Pandey
Last Updated: 9/28/2011
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