In a World of Silence

A mother and daughter struggle, as daughter claims that she resents her mom. Because during her preteen years, her mom remarried and they relocated to another state....refusing to accept the change, and remains stuck in the past...
You've kept me in a world of silence,
Making it difficult for me to see and reach out,
And it doesn't seem to matter,
The pain you've caused throughout.

Every breath and beat of my heart,
I do it for you and the rest of my kin,
Because this is what keeps me going,
And wish you could believe in me, quite like a friend.

But you claim to regret being my daughter,
And wish to never see me again,
Where did all those precious memories,
Of childhood go and joy that we retain.

When you've closed the doors,
To communication,
And nearly everyday, I await for your sweet smile,
With a cordial reconciliation.

As I faithfully try to listen to your plea,
But you refuse to find a way to move on,
Stuck in the past,
Rather withdrawn.

Instilling an emptiness, deep in my heart,
That never seems to heal,
When you continue to blame me, for where you are,
And not understand how you make me feel.

I've always been there, and through difficult times,
Even today, as a grown up woman,
Trying to meet all of your needs,
In hopes of leaving a good image.

But I'm unsure where I went wrong,
Since I've always been involved in your life,
And wonder what's led you, to push me away,
Because there's not a day that goes by, I'd like to end this strife.

Though we can't see eye to eye,
I pray that you will put everything behind,
And let the sunshine in,
Because there's no doubt,
I will always be by your side.
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Published: 5/30/2014
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