In Another Universe

Another universe... where you can escape and realize your wants.
Sleep won't heal it,
Insomnia won't worsen it,
The feeling I have got,
Can only be sold and bought,
Sold by me,
Hopefully bought by you,
In another universe.

Yes, that's the only cure,
For the endless pain of my soul,
For it may provide a way, a path,
To my heart to escape out,
Out to your heart,
Of which I can only dream about,
In another universe.

But I guess I haven't shown enough,
Or you haven't noticed much,
The way I behave, the way I shy,
On just the mention of us,
Us being together,
And forever...
Then I think it can become reality,
In another universe.

It enlightens me & strengthens me,
To escape to this place,
Where for once we are souls,
Never to fall apart,
And every night I sleep or lay awake,
Living my world with you,
In another universe.
Published: 7/13/2012
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