In Defense Of Me... A Child... Your Child

How difficult it is to be a child... How challenging our job as parents... The only bond can be that of love...
I did not just appear in your life,
I was sent to you as a gift by LIFE,
I am not you,
I am me.

But, I am totally helpless without you,
Without your loving care and constant concern,
I will not be able to fulfill the promise of my life.

I would not be able to live,
For, my very existence depends on you,
My survival depends on you.

It is what you teach me that will help me,
Negotiate my road in this world,
A road that is full of byways crisscrossing it,
Attractive little lanes that lure me away,
But, it is your words of caution and concern,
That will turn me away from these, to go on my own path.

You have to teach me right from wrong.... good from bad,
You have to teach me not to go blindly towards the bright lights,
You have to teach me how to handle all situations.... what if some of them turn scary?
I am so small.... what if something happens to me and I don't know what to do?

You have to teach me about honesty.... and truthfulness,
You have to teach me how to handle excitement and pain.

If you ignore me, what will happen to me?
I don't know how to take care of myself.

I have not come with any inbuilt systems to handle the world,
I am completely innocent,
I have come with a clean page,
I know nothing, nothing at all,
I need you to help me grow,
I am small, defenseless and totally dependent on you.

I may put on this face of being brave,
But, in actual fact, I am scared,
There's so much I don't know anything about,
You have to teach me to live and you have to protect me.

Give me a faith I can turn to,
How will I know who means me well and who is going to harm me?
You have to teach me who to trust and who to avoid,
You have to teach me what's done and what is not.... what is said, and what is not... how to behave, and how not to...
You have to correct me when I am wrong, and bring me back when I go astray,
You must discipline me or I will not be strong.

If you scare me, I will grow timid,
If you make fun of me, I will never be confident,
If you don't give me space to make mistakes, I will be forever cowardly,
If you love me, I will learn to love,
If you make me strong, I will learn to be fearless.

Who else will teach me?
You are my elders.....
I have not come to live your dreams,
I have my own dreams,
But I need you to help me fulfill them,
So that the tapestry of our lives is complete.

I am a child.... your child,
I am born to be loved and cared for.
Published: 10/23/2017
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