In God's Exchange Bazaar

With God, you can trade all your troubles to gain eternal peace.
I visited God's Exchange Bazaar,
I saw stalls and shops of products bizarre,
With several heads like rocks looping,
But only few were actually shopping.

I entered some of the shops and stalls,
I could only afford to lean on their walls,
Though the products are old-fashioned,
Their prices were way highly rationed.

I was almost leaving in discontent,
But a man approached to know my intent,
"I'm only filled with sorrow, aches, and pain;
I have neither silver nor gold for all these to gain."

He smiled at me and replied my troubled lips,
He explained to me God's Exchange Bazaar tips;
"You should exchange all you have to get all you want,
Everything you deposit here is forgotten, burnt."

I exchanged my sorrow for happiness,
I exchanged my aches for cheerfulness,
And everlasting joy replaced my pain.
God's Exchange Bazaar has nothing to feign.

Come with your sorrow, pain, and grief,
Your aches, emptiness, cries, and sniffs,
Bring your every seemingly abominable,
You will trade all for that joy unspeakable.
Published: 8/11/2016
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