In Loving Memory Poems

Death - unrelenting and inevitable. And so it has remained since the beginning of time. But this knowledge does not keep us humans from collapsing every time we lose a beloved. The thought that we will never be able to see or hear the person again rips our very soul. These poems are vents to the emotions all of us have experienced at some point in our lives. Let them console you, if not totally heal you. After all, we have no option but to move on.
Going Home
A tribute to David Bowie.
You Shall Live Forever In My Heart
Into a sacred kingdom, filled in a new world of dreams....
My Ronnie
The loss of a soulmate after thirty-nine plus years.
Cruel Death
A poem cursing the cruelty of death.
Used To...
For my dad... May he rest in peace.
You'll Fly Gracefully Like A Butterfly
Where you will rest forever.... away from sight....
Your Smile Will Live Forever
Someday we will rejoin in a new world in paradise, an idyllic place to be....
I Love You the Way No One Knows
It's about me when I lost my best friend on June 18, 2012. How I felt lost and alone. Never knew how I was going to be ok.
To The Old Ransford
A tribute to my father. My heart keeps on shrinking moment after moment, for my hopes were buried the day I told him to 'Rest In Peace'.
Remembering Gandhiji
A tribute to Mahatma Gandhi.
She Will Be Here
Loss, death, and silver linings.
To M... L...
Things I can't say out loud.
Flatlined Angel
The poem is about someone extremely close to me that was like a mother/grandma to me. I don't know if we were related by blood or not sure, as hell felt like it though.
Chinua Achebe
In memory of the great Professor Chinua Achebe; a prominent literary writer who is known for his works, especially in African literature, nationally and internationally. Sleep on while your works speak on.
Son to Father
I wrote this about the relationship with my father.
A Breath to Comprehend
A year ago, we lost a wonderful lady. This is for my mother.
Sleep R'lyeh
A tribute to H. P. Lovecraft.
Now He is Gone Forever
I wrote this when my friend Esther Ijey lost her dad and that same week I lost my uncle Mr. Nwachukwu. This is my first poem ever, so let me know what you think.
One Year
Over one year since I lost my best friend <3
I Wrote
For Andrew; Love You Always.
My Wish for Lindsey
My wish for my best friend who died March 26th 2010.
The Words I Never Said On Your Dying Bed
A friend that passed that will never be forgotten and in my mind he's still the blessing in disguise.
Missing You
Lindseyy 12.30.95- 3.26.10 <3
To You
About losing someone very dear to you..
A Mother's only Son
This is a poem I wrote after my 21 year old nephew died this past December, I wrote it in agony in total sadness for my Sister (Cathy)
Always Missing U
My gf killed herself and I can't move on past it I loved her to much enjoy.
Fading Away
I wrote this song about one of my family member's who passed away a few years ago and they are "fading" in my memory and I don't want to forget them. I do not own the picture.
Sweet Memories
This is a poem that is made of a list of events as an expression of love. Recalling the sweet memories of lovers.
Left Alone
This poem is dedicated to my fiance's mother R.I.P MELODY DICKINSON MARCH 16 2001.
Feeling Left Unseen
Death raises so many questions within us
In Memory
I lost a very dear friend just before our highschool graduation in '03, this is a poem I wrote and read at the ceremony.
Memories, I can't remember
Why did I ever think that I was enough for that person
Why Can't I Forget?
I just can't forget the memories...
Memories in Melodies
Still going back in time... wrote this a while ago.. it's about music...
The Greatest Memory
A theme of sadness with a bit of inspiration.
Final Good-bye
In memory of Kyle Fitzgerald. He was only 13 or 14.
The End has Come, My Love
This is about a woman whose love is a soldier, and he gets taken away to war, but he doesn't tell her he's enlisted. She learns the hard way when he dies.
Remedy to Memories
The only cure to the dark memories within is to forget it all and move on.
My Memory
I'm not alright!
In Memory Of You (My Best Friend)
This poem is in memory of a friend I've lost close to a year ago, in a fatal car accident! It took me everything to write this so please comment when you're done reading...
Memory, Come To Me!
A small poem...
~Lost My Memories:-(
Express my emotion through this poem...
Seed of Hatred
When memories flood in of the time she cheated on me I feel this hate.....
A poem showing my emotions when I think about painful memories...
Golden One
A Memory...
My First Love-Sunny
I met 'Jess" in 1978. He was my first Love at age 14 in Renton, WA by the River. I never knew he was Kurt Cobain until this year. I'm a DV survivor.