In Memory Of You (My Best Friend)

This poem is in memory of a friend I've lost close to a year ago, in a fatal car accident! It took me everything to write this so please comment when you're done reading...
He was all I ever wanted; he was all I ever needed. I had the chance to know him. I had the chance to share a piece of my life with him. He was always there for me whenever I needed him. I could tell him everything, this guy or shall I say men, was a dream come true, he's the one that put the night mare I was living in, to an end. I never imagine my life without him. It never came up to my mind, not even for a second that tomorrow he could be gone. With him there was always something to do, he was always up for a challenge and with him I felt fearless. He left, barley had time to tell him good-bye, and he would have been late. I knew I shouldn't have let him go but not it's too late. Neither one of me and him, thought it would be the last time we would talk or see each other. Later that day, I suddenly felt like something in side was missing, I felt empty; I knew something had gone wrong. At night heard of a fatal accident, I couldn't imagine it was him, I didn't want to know the truth, I didn't want to face the fact that he had an accident and that forever he was gone. For days I tried to reach him, but I couldn't get a hold of him, I figured it was just a coincidence, I just couldn't accept the truth. Every time the phone rang I hoped it would be him. One day his brother called, he told me about the accident and about how he didn't suffer. I cracked up in tears, I knew he had died instantly, I knew he didn't have time to feel a thing, but I also knew that from now on I was always going to feel empty. When I opened my cell phone for the first time since he had felt the house in the morning a week earlier... I had a new voice mail it was him... telling me how much he could only wish to hold me in his arms, and how much he wishes he would have been with me. As he was saying how much he loved me and how much he missed me all I heard is a loud scream and a BANG. Since that day all I've been doing is remembering all the things me and him have done together from the day we met, to our last goodbye. Everyday when I think of him, I can't help the tears from falling of my eyes.

Mik you were my best friend and forever you will be!!!! In my heart forever you will be, and in my memories together we will always be BEST FRIENDS. Mik you were so young and you had a brilliant future in front of you. I'll never forget you, you may have died but in my heart and in my memories forever you'll be alive.!!!!
Published: 12/10/2007
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