In My Dreams

I don't really have dreams like this though lol.
In my dreams
I sit on the ledge of stone balconies
Vines interlacing the outer walls
To this mansion with long corridor halls
And ever long ceilings
Stained glass windows and
Ancient captivating

In my dreams I sit there
With the midnight breeze
Fraying gently through my long hair
A white transparent nightgown I wear
With a white slip
Bare toes hang over the edge in midair
The cool air taking an occasional dip

In my dreams
I stare into the heavens
At the full moon owning the starlit sky
Seemingly close enough to reach
And too far from me to try

In my dreams
In this magical place somewhere beyond the seas
I can still almost feel you
Your touch is softer than
The lukewarm breeze

Your eyes outshine the moon
Your smile dims the stars
The peace I feel here
Is nice, but it remains clear
That it
Can not equal to the warm
Safety your love has sworn
And to protect, to keep me
Unscathed and unharmed

Even in my dreams
Nothing seems
To be as comforting
As the embrace of your arms.
Published: 7/18/2009
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