In My Heart

I know where you belong is right here in my heart. So, don't go. We can work through this! Hope you like it!
I stare at you aghast.
What I thought forever
Now is ending so fast.

My heart is breaking,
What can I do?
I thought it was better...
But I was hurting you.

I love you so much,
Don't leave me now.
The show isn't over!
Don't you dare take that bow!

I can fix this,
Believe it or not.
It isn't yet buried,
So don't let it rot.

My life is ending,
Before my very eyes.
What was beneath,
Beneath all those lies.

Is now uncovering.
We can fix this.
I won't let this one
Opportunity miss.

I can't go on like this,
So alone, so apart.
I know where you belong
Is right here in my heart.

Understand this,
You are my only one.
So, no matter what,
This is not done.

Not if I have my way!
We will live yet another day!
Like it?
Nope, love it!
Well, it's obvious you're confused but stubborn. It shows your feelings well. So, actually, yes.
Nah... should I? Didn't feel the connection, man! Lol! I'm not a hippie I swear! But it's an ok poem!
It's freaking awesome! How can I not?
Published: 9/12/2011
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