In Search Of Truth

This poem is about human beliefs and how easily they can be manipulated.
Fundamentalist lunatics ponder your every word,
Looking for discrepancies in your sentences,
Trying to force the ideals that you abhor,
To pester you with their ideas of morality.

But where is the morality in their little kingdom?
Telling you must do this and you mustn't do that,
Then taking the credit for championing freedom,
When true freedom is to register your own thought.

I cannot kow-tow to their draconian laws,
I oppose their power and their immoral scruples,
I detest their offensively patronizing ways,
And I spit on their heathen principles.

If I want to find God, I will find him myself,
I don't need some mamby-pamby old fart to talk drivel,
While standing in a pulpit, relieving himself,
As he reads from a two thousand-year old novel.

I cannot conform to their verbal diarrhea,
I cannot accept their words as truth,
When their many inconsistencies hold no fruit to bear,
And their contradictive rantings hold no worth.

My nonconforming mind I leave open to everything,
In my personal quest for the ultimate truth,
As they throw their scorn at my eccentricities,
And look upon me as a man of no good.

But it isn't me who tries to impose myself on others,
I believe all men are equal and should do as they please,
I do express myself, when I can be bothered,
But only if and when it is asked of me.

I don't impose myself on other people's thoughts,
I see it as a form of marketing the gullible,
And if all men are truly equal in the eyes of God,
Then none of us should pay homage to the so-called infallible.

For where there is hierarchy, there is also power,
And with that power comes ultimate corruption,
And the corruption of mankind will go on forever,
You will never be free as long as you feed their assumptions.

But I will never feed them, that's why I'm despised,
I show them no fear. I'd say it's they who fear me,
I know I'm seen as a demon in their eyes.
I'm mere mortal, like them, but at least I'm free.

Published: 6/9/2010
Bouquets and Brickbats