In The Moonlight

Curiosity can break a heart.
You can't hide what's behind your cold eyes,
I know your sentences are so full of lies,
You're meeting with him again tonight,
You're going behind my back in the moonlight.

I think my frozen heart has just stopped beating,
I followed you to your place of meeting,
I stood back in the shadows as my throat went tight,
A tear fell as I saw you kiss him in the moonlight.

Why did you give your heart to the village idiot?
He's no good for you, he will only break your spirit,
He doesn't really want you, he's just a socialite,
He wants to parade you for his friends in the moonlight.

You won't find glory by following his banner,
As he waves his ego around in a typically vain manner,
You're just a trophy on his arm to sparkle and shine,
Like a false love polished by the moonlight.

I pull my hat down further, pull the wool over my eyes,
As hand in hand with your lover, you pass me by,
It's so hard to face the truth,- to put up a fight,
As you destroy my soul in the moonlight.

Little sobs escape me as I try to hold back the tears,
Being stabbed in the back like this fills me with fear,
I have no-one to turn to, to help me face my plight,
Seeing you walk away with him in the moonlight.

I kick the pebbles with my shoes on the long walk home,
To spend the night in our bedroom all alone,
Maybe I should pack up and run for my life,
It kills me to think of you with him in the moonlight.

You were the sweetest lady once but that was long ago,
Now you're a Jezebel, immoral in your soul,
How many slayings must there be before you get it right?
Am I the first, or are there others, you have slew in the moonlight?
Published: 7/7/2010
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