In the Shadows

This guy used to like me and when he did... I sort of thought he was a little weird... now I'm absolutely obsessed and I bet he's the one thinking I'm weird! So, I sort of wait in the shadows... unsure of what to do, where to go. ♥ Hope you like! :)
I’m afraid I’m invisible,
And you just can’t see.
After all, you’re over there…
Completely ignoring me.

I stand here, in the shadows,
Jealousy burning through my being,
While you are completely oblivious,
And I go unseen.

I want to make a move,
I truly do.
Maybe walk up, look you in the eyes,
And just tell you what I think about you…

But I’m also afraid of the consequences,
Apparently you don’t like me.
Fate has a very cruel way of doing things…
A guy no longer likes her, but she’s obsessed … how funny.

I sort of wonder if maybe,
Just maybe, if I try,
Then maybe you’ll come back.
But who am I to lie?

So, in the shadows I stay,
Wanting to tell you
Just how I feel.
But I’m not sure what to do.
Feel invisible or am I the only one? :P
You're the only one! I make sure I'm SEEN and I look GOOD when I'm SEEN! ! :D
Trust me, you're not the only one... but try not to waste away going after a guy who doesn't notice you. He's not worth it.
You're not the only one... I'm kinda in the same situation...
Eh, I have a boyfriend/girlfriend so I BETTER not be invisible!
Hey, don't worry so much about it. If he doesn't see you then he's just not worth it! No guy is worth pining after... (:
Published: 11/21/2011
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