How to Increase the Range of a Wireless Router

Increasing the wireless network range is an unavoidable task that you need to do, if your wireless router has a low range. To know more about how to increase the range of a wireless router, read on...
A wireless router can receive uninterrupted and strong signals when the router is in the line of sight of the network adapter. However, having a line of sight with the router is not possible as the wireless signal is interrupted by the walls, trees, floors, cables, computers and all other obstructions. Usually, the router is placed at a higher location to get a strong signal. One way of increasing wireless network range is to choose a wireless router that has a strong antenna or replacing the existing antenna so that the router can capture signals more effectively. There are many more ways that can increase the wireless connection range, and some of them are given below.

The position of the wireless router plays a crucial role in increasing the range of wireless connection. The device must be preferably kept away from obstructions. The router must be placed at the center of the room where there are minimum obstructions nearby. The range of the wireless connection at the central location of the room is greater than when placed near the walls of the room. Metals, walls and electronic devices like microwave oven and wireless phones can prove to be an obstruction for the wireless signals.

The Wi-Fi antennas attached to the wireless routers are omni-directional. The omni-directional antennas transmit and receive data from all the sides, i.e. the range of these antennas is 360 degrees. If the router is kept near the walls or some obstruction, the 360 degree full range will be obstructed and you will utilize only a part of the receiver strength. Also, you can upgrade the antenna of your router to a highly directional antenna. The directional antennas receive signals only in a particular direction. With the directional antennas, you can direct the signal according to your needs. This is one way of increasing the range of wireless network.

Sometimes the network adapter of your laptop computer may not be able to capture strong signals even though the network router is transmitting much stronger signal. In this case, it is necessary to change your network adapter. The wireless routers and adapters must be upgraded to the newest version of the IEEE 802.11. The IEEE 802.11 is a set of protocols that are defined for transmission of wireless signals. It is advisable that whenever you upgrade your router and adapter, you should upgrade both of them at the same time and with the same standard. The IEEE 802.11 standard has 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g and the newest version is 802.11n, which is yet to be approved. You must ensure that you use the routers and the network adapters are from the same manufacturer. The drivers for the routers must be updated from time to time as the newer versions are available.

The repeater is placed half-way from the router to increase the strength of the weak signal. It is recommended to use the repeater made from the same manufacturer as that of the router and the network adapter. This is a better way to boost the weak wireless signal received.

There are total 11 wireless frequency channels and you can change your wireless channels according to the performance of a particular channel. If some router in the vicinity of your router is tuned to the same channel as that of your router, the range of the wireless connection is hampered to a great extent. It is advisable to change the channel of frequency in such a case.

The key for increasing wireless network range is to stay updated and follow some minimal instructions for positioning your wireless router.
By Aarti R
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