Industrial Ear Piercing

Industrial ear piercing has become a vogue among youngsters because of its uniqueness. However, if you are planning to get an industrial ear piercing done, it is extremely crucial to know the details of this piercing, including its procedure, cost, jewelry and aftercare.
In today's times, when one says 'ear piercings', it need not mean the traditional earlobe piercings. Rather, it has become a trend to pierce the different parts of the ear to achieve a different look. One such piercing is the industrial ear piercing which is completely different from all other types of ear piercings because it has two holes which are connected with a straight barbell. As it is a complicated body piercing, people who are interested in getting it done should know about the industrial ear piercing in detail. So, let us take a look at the important aspects of industrial ear piercing, which will give you an idea of the industrial piercing process as well as healing period.

Industrial Ear Piercing Process
As I said earlier, industrial ear piercing, also known as scaffold piercing is done by perforating two holes in the upper ear cartilage. The first piercing is done on the cartilage that is near the head (the anti helix) and the second piercing is done just diagonally opposite to the first (the helix). Both these piercings are done usually with a 12-14 gauze needle. As the piercing is quite complicated, one should always go to an experienced body piercer who has done such piercings earlier too. An experienced piercer will take all the precautions before piercing the ear to prevent the development of industrial ear piercing infection. The piercer would first measure your eat to choose a jewelry that would fit your ear. When this is done, he will clean your ear with a disinfectant and make the perforations with a sterilized needle. An important thing that one has to know about this type of piercing is that it is very painful. The reason for industrial ear piercing pain is that the needle is used for this is very thick and also, because piercings are done at two places rather than one. The industrial ear piercing cost differs in every state, however, it can be anywhere between 40 USD to 90 USD.

Industrial Ear Piercing Jewelry
As this is different from the other types of body piercings, the jewelry used is also a unique one. Usually, the industrial ear piercing jewelry is a straight barbell that goes through the two piercings. However, there are many piercers who prefer the use of captive bead rings, mainly because the piercings would heal better in this type of jewelry. However, the problem with captive bead rings for industrial piercing is that it may cause problem in the alignment of the industrial piercing. The material of industrial piercing jewelry is usually surgical stainless steel. Once the piercing is healed completely, one can experiment with barbells that are made of niobium and titanium.

Industrial Ear Piercing Care
The healing process is said to be a difficult time because of the complexity of the piercing. Though it may take 6 months to 1 year for the piercing to heal completely, the first 14 days after the piercing is done is considered to be the most crucial period. During this time, one is likely to experience irritation, swelling, bruising and bleeding in the piercing area. However, this is a part of the normal healing process and would go away in a week's time. Nevertheless, there have been people who have experienced this for a month too. During this period, it is extremely important to follow the aftercare guidelines given by the piercer to prevent the occurrence of any kind of infection. Here are some industrial ear piercing aftercare instructions that will speed up the healing process and prevent any kind of infection.
  • It is important to avoid touching the piercing area with your hands as this can increase the risk of infection. Whenever you have to clean your piercing, you have to first wash your hands with antibacterial soap thoroughly.
  • The industrial piercing should be cleaned with sea salt soaks everyday. In a cup of lukewarm water, mix ΒΌ to 1.2 teaspoon salt and clean your piercing by holding a cotton ball dipped in this solution.
  • You must be very careful with hair, clothing, etc. coming in contact with the industrial piercing because they may bruise the piercing badly, thus slowing the healing process.
  • Apart from this, it is also important to avoid using hair care products during the first fourteen days to avoid irritation of the industrial ear piercing.
I do hope that you have got a fair idea about industrial ear piercing from this article. It is said that though the industrial piercing is very painful, the end result is worth all the pain. However, if you want to flaunt your industrial ear piercing for a long time, it is important that you take utmost care of it during the healing process.
By Deepa Kartha
Published: 4/19/2010
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