Industrial Piercing Prices

Need information on industrial piercing prices? Read more to find out how much would the piercing actually cost you?
As tattoos and piercings have become a huge part of our society and culture, it's no wonder young people are experimenting with their looks. Now more than ever, you would see at least a handful of people walking down the street with various body piercings on their face and different parts of their body. Another introduction to this ever-evolving and modifying means to body modification is industrial piercing. This is a piercing where two holes are punctured to any part of the body and then connected with a single piece of jewelry. If you are thinking of getting one for yourself, you must know that industrial piercing prices may vary depending on which part of the body you want it on and the jewelry used.

What makes industrial piercing fascinating and a bit confusing for some is because it is not named after the part of the body the jewelry passes through. We aren't born with "industrial" parts, so obviously the concept might sound weird, if you haven't heard it before. So why not just make it more clear? As mentioned above, one piece of industrial piercing jewelry is joined through two (sometimes more) holes pierced through the skin. The most common spots to get an industrial piercing would be ears, lips, tongue, belly button, bridge of the nose, ear cage, and elsewhere. You could choose a straight, spiral, zigzag hoops and/or barbells, or any other type of industrial piercing jewelry. And depending on which body jewelry shop you visit, the prices will vary.

Approximate Cost

Many professional piercers will have varying prices. Now that doesn't mean that more expensive the piercing, the better, or vice versa. Also, along with the piercing costs, some of them may also add the cost of aftercare. This piercing is very risky, if done on certain parts of the body, as we all know that taking care of the newly pierced holes is very essential. But what we tend to forget is that poor care may lead to infections. Now that you have a rough idea of what this piercing is all about, let's look at how much would an industrial piercing cost.

The breakdown would include the piercing (obviously), the jewelry (if you don't purchase one on your own), needles, piercer's time, etc. Now a small, not too elaborate industrial piercing (ear or lip), would cost you anywhere between US$ 50 to US$ 75. Again, let me remind you, the price range may vary according to where you're getting the piercing from. Some prices can also be around US$ 40 as well. The decision rests in your hands, right from getting the piercing in the first place, the piercer, body jewelry shop, negotiating the piercing prices, till actually sitting in the chair and getting the jewelry in and hearing the details on the industrial piercing care.

Ear Cage - US$ 60 to US$ 75

Bridge of Nose - US$ 40 to US$ 60

Through the Ear - US$ 40 to US$ 50

Double Lips - US$ 50 to US$ 65

Through the Tongue - US$ 40 to US$ 50

Navel/Belly Button - US$ 40 to US$ 50

Industrial piercing healing process is roughly around 6 months to a year, depending on its location. So, if you would like to browse for prices in your area, I would suggest getting your phone book out and calling different tattoo and piercing shops. You can ask for exact (part of your body) cost for your piercing and compare with other shops. Whichever ones feel affordable to you, go down to the place and check it out (before you make the final decision). If the shop seems alright to you, is hygienic and safe, then what are you waiting for?
By Sheetal Mandora
Published: 6/10/2010
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