Industrial Piercing

Planning to have an industrial piercing? Industrial piercing is a trendy and unique way of making a fashion statement. Have one and get ready to look trendy.
Body piercings are always in vogue and best way to look fashionable. There are different types of body piercings, and the craze of getting one is huge. Industrial piercing is different and many have started opting for this one instead of the regular one. So if you want to know about the extremely trendy, piercing then here's more about it.

What is Industrial Piercing

The piercing includes single piercing that passes through two holes. Usually the piercing is done on the upper cartilage of the ear. The holes are at an average distance of 2.5 inch from each other. A single barbell passes through these two holes. Small balls are screwed at the backside of the ear to secure both the barbell ends, so that it stays in place. This piercing looks extremely trendy than the usual ear piercings. The cool look that one gets with the piercing is the reason of its popularity. Apart from ear, the piercing is done on other body parts as well.

Is it Painful?

Yes, the piercing can be painful, mainly because of its procedure. Usually the first hole is made and the barbell is inserted in it. Now, keeping this barbell dangling from your ear, the second hole is made and then this barbell is pushed into it. Wrong alignment of the two holes can lead to a lot of pain while pushing the barbell into the second hole. It is best to opt for the best piercer to get this job done properly and experience minimum pain.

Exact Process

This piercing is not a complicated procedure, as you might think because it involves making two holes at a time. The procedure is short one and won't take much time. First the piercer will set up the equipment, like needle, jewelry, gloves etc. He'll start by putting on the single-use surgical gloves. This will be followed by disinfecting your ear. Once your ear is disinfected they will mark the points of piercing needle using a marker. You can check the points and angle and ask him/her to proceed. A hollow single-use needle will be inserted in the skin to make the first hole. Now the jewelry will be pushed through this hole, it will be lined up to check whether the next hole marking is fine. Now the second hole will be made using a needle followed by inserting the same piece of jewelry in it, pulling it through the first hole. Blood will be cleaned up and your ear will be once again disinfected. The jewelry will be secured by using screws at the backside. The prices range between $30 to $65.

Jewelry Options

Barbell is one of the most common and popular earrings. This jewelry, is usually made up of surgical stainless steels. Silver and gold is also popularly used in this jewelry. Fancy barbells have various shaped and colored gems embedded at the center. Curved and spiral barbells are also very popularly used earrings. Many have designs like bullet or circles at the center. Some barbells have fancy dangling pieces that look very gracious. The barbells have fancy screws at the ends. These screws come in various shapes and colors, that are visible from backside. Apart from the gems, shapes and designs the simple straight barbells are equally popular choice.

This piercing is really very attractive and looks great. Make sure you follow the right care to maintain its awesome look. Take some time to search for a reputed body piercing professional to avoid pain and infection. The piercing professional with suggest the right aftercare that you must strictly follow. So when are you getting an industrial piercing done to don that stylish look?
By Mamta Mule
Last Updated: 9/22/2011
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