Information on the various causes of not getting pregnant, male and female infertility treatment.
Crystals to Improve Fertility
Moonstone, rose quartz, pyrite, blue pietersite and rhodonite are some of the crystals that are said to be associated with fertility. To know more about these crystals, read on.
Facts and Myths about Infertility
There are so many misconceptions about infertility that patients often tend to ignore vital forms of treatment and believe it is just a matter of time before they will able to conceive without any medical intervention. The...
Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Fertility
Decreased fertility and libido have been associated with couples who do not get adequate sleep. The following iBuzzle write-up discusses how sleep deprivation affects fertility in both men and women.
Herbs to Increase Fertility in Women
Humans have been using herbs for medicinal purposes since time immemorial. This article will provide you with information about some herbs that are used for boosting female fertility.
Recommended Yoga Poses to Increase Fertility
Ever heard of exercise to increase fertility? Yes, it is true. Yoga, which is a blessing to the modern world struck by stress, has proved to be yet another boon, and this time for increasing fertility. In this iBuzzle article, we...
Infertility Symptoms in Women
Infertility is the inability to conceive even after making every possible effort. There are some symptoms of infertility in women which if noticed on time, can be treated promptly. Keep on reading to get detailed information on...
Fallopian Tube Infection
Fallopian tube infection, also known as fallopian tube inflammation, is caused due to an abnormal growth of harmful bacteria in the fallopian tubes. Read on to know more about this reproductive system disorder, its symptoms, causes...
How Does a Sperm Bank Work
With the introduction of IVF, surrogacy and other scientific options for reproduction, a sperm bank is no longer a taboo concept in society. Most of us still are not clear about the exact procedure entitled to a this bank. A...
Black Cohosh for Fertility
Amongst several herbs that have been strongly associated in curing fertility problems, Black cohosh tops the list. Is this herb really a natural wonder? Do scientific studies acclaim it to be healthy? Get all answers by reading...
Thyroid Disorders and Fertility
Thyroid disorders are quite common in women during the childbearing years. This has a significant impact on their fertility. This article will help you to understand the relationship between thyroid disorders and fertility...
Secondary Infertility
Inability of conceiving a baby after having one or more kids is termed as secondary infertility. Scroll down to get detailed information about this condition.
Day 3 FSH Test for Fertility
Are you aware of the significance of day 3 FSH test for fertility? Scroll down to find out how abnormal FSH levels may have an adverse impact on a woman's chances to conceive.
How Does Obesity Affect Fertility
Does obesity affect fertility? Yes, it does and that too significantly, if the weight is not controlled within time. If you are an obese woman planning to conceive, you must understand the vital link between weight gain, pregnancy...
Homeopathy for Infertility
Couples who are desperately trying for a baby but cannot do so should definitely consider homeopathy for infertility problems. Many doctors have proved the benefits of homeopathic medicines in cases where western medicines have...
Metformin for Infertility
The use of Metformin for infertility treatment is mainly suggested for women who have been diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome. Scroll down to find out how this drug may help such women conceive.
Maca Benefits for Fertility
Maca root is referred to as super-food; because it is packed with numerous valuable nutrients. It helps maintain hormonal balance in men and women and helps eliminate the causes of infertility. Read on to know the health benefits...
When to See a Reproductive Endocrinologist
Reproductive endocrinologist is a fertility specialist with more expertise in this field than an OB-GYN. Know when to consult a reproductive endocrinologist, in this article.
Fertility Problems in Men
Fertility problems in men can actually make your life turn upside down. In this article we have a detailed look at the various problems of infertility in men and their causes.
Signs of Fertility Problems in Women
Are you trying your best to conceive a baby, but are unable to understand why there is no positive result? Can infertility be the reason? This iBuzzle article will help you understand the many signs of fertility problems in women,...
Fertility Problems in Women
Fertility problems in women are not an uncommon phenomenon where conceiving is a tedious undertaking. Learn about the causes and what can be done to boost fertility, along with treatment options for the same...
Egg Donation Process
We all have heard of sperm and egg donation, but know very little about this concept and its procedure. Hence, this Buzzle article aims to elaborate on the process of egg donation, outlining the steps and the time involved.
How to Donate Sperm
Single women, lesbian couples, and heterosexual couples who can't conceive due to male infertility are the recipients of donor sperms. The following iBuzzle write-up provides information on the process of sperm donation.
Egg Donation Risks
A number of infertile couples are resorting to egg donations. However, it is important to take a note of the risks involved in egg donation. This will ensure that the necessary measures are taken to avoid any sort of problems later...
Infertility Treatment Options
Dealing with infertility can be devastating for men and women alike. In this article, you will find some infertility treatment options that will help you find a way in the darkness and fulfill your dream of having a baby.
Acupuncture Points for Fertility
Acupuncture should not be regarded as a cure for infertility, but it can stimulate the flow of oxygenated blood to the reproductive organs, which in turn would help keep the reproductive tissue healthy. This iBuzzle write-up...
Infertility in Men
Infertility in men is an issue that is more common than you'd like to believe. In the following article we shall discuss the key issues regarding this condition.
Infertility in Women Causes
Polycystic ovarian syndrome, endometriosis, and problems in ovulation are some of the medical conditions that can cause infertility in women. However, these are not the only reasons behind infertility, as this condition can be...
Infertility in Women
Infertility in women is either due to unhealthy lifestyle or due to disorders of the reproductive system. Read on to know the details.
Egg Donor Requirements
If you want to donate your egg you have to fulfill some egg donor requirements. It is a good way to make money and a wonderful way of giving life to a family. Scroll down to get a detailed information.
Tips to Improve Fertility
Do you know that you can reduce the waiting period between trying to conceive and getting that good news? Here are a few tips that will elevate your chances of conception.
Infertility and Depression
Many couples who cannot have their own biological children suffer from depression. To know more about relation between infertility and depression, just read this iBuzzle article.
How to Increase Fertility
If you have been trying to become pregnant for some time, without any positive results, you might want to know methods of increasing your fertility. This article will provide some tips which will help in increasing fertility not...
Increase Fertility Chances
Fertility factor of both men and women is responsible for healthy conception. There are certain ways to increase fertility chances without external aid. Read ahead to know the details.
Why Can't I Get Pregnant?
One can have trouble getting pregnant due to various factors. This article talks about the potential causes of this problem.
Is Pregnancy Miracle Book a Scam?
The pregnancy miracle book on ovarian cysts scam is such a hype these days. What's all this about the pregnancy miracle book scam? This is a book on curing infertility and is one of the best-selling books on the same.
How to Increase Fertility After 40
There are several reasons you may be looking to increase your fertility after 40. While doing so may be slightly difficult, it isn't completely impossible. The following article provides information about the various tips and home...
Natural Ways to Increase Your Fertility
There are several ways and means to increase fertility in men and women, so as to improve the chances of conceiving. Read more of this article to know about such effective methods...
Wild Yam and Fertility
Wild yam has many benefits, out of which increasing fertility is the major one. The article below highlights the connection between about wild yam and fertility and also the other benefits of wild yam.
Harvesting Eggs
Harvesting of ovum is a way of preserving a woman's eggs or gamete, if she chooses to postpone her plans of having children due to work or other commitments. This article explains the process of egg harvesting.
Acupuncture for Fertility
Acupuncture for fertility is an alternative treatment that has opened the doors to restore fertility naturally. To know more about acupuncture treatment, read on...
Signs of Infertility
Couples who are not able to conceive for a long time must be surely wanting to know whether they might be infertile. If you are one among them, you are at the right place as this article will give you information on infertility...
Infertility Symptoms
Infertility is the inability of the couple to conceive in spite of regular, unprotected sex for about 12 months. It can be due to reproductive problems in either the man or the woman or sometimes both. Read on to know more on...
Signs of Infertility in Women
Inability to conceive after having unprotected intercourse is one of the common signs of infertility in women. If diagnosed correctly, most cases of infertile couples are treated successfully.
Increase Fertility Naturally
Ways to increase fertility naturally is important for couples facing difficulty in conceiving. Natural fertility enhancing measures help to increase the chances of conception.
Reasons for Infertility in Women
These days, you will come across a lot of women suffering from fertility issues and the reasons are manifold. This article will list some of the most common reasons behind female infertility.
How to Increase Fertility in Women
How to increase fertility in women is a commonly asked question. While there are various treatments available to do so, it is best to try some natural ways to increase fertility in women before opting for them.
Infertility in Women- Symptoms
Infertility in women symptoms are totally dependent on the cause of infertility in women. Let us discuss the causes and the respective symptoms of infertility.
Infertility in Women Over 30
Infertility is a common problem that women, specially those over 30 years of age face. There are various causes of infertility and it can be successfully treated using different treatment methods. Keep reading to find more...
Infertility in Women Over 40
There are a number of factors behind infertility in women over the age of 40. However, one of the leading causes is the age. With the stress on stabilizing one's career, many women put their plans of raising a family on the...