Inspirational Mother-Daughter Poems: A Conversation

A mother relives through her reflection in her daughter. And while we wade in the rise and ebb of life's many tides, she lovingly clears the path and sprays fresh waters . . . .
You are the apple of my eye, in you I live my life anew;
And as you reach for the sky, I too take fresh steps few.

You live, I breathe fresh air; you achieve, I richly applaud;
You color each rung and stair, while I undo every step flawed.

No more are you to be kept away, no more will I allow you to hide;
You are meant to shine and sway, to the rhythm of life with pride.

Come, come, dear, in you I live all my dreams and set new goal;
You are my future and I will give you the inheritance of control.

You are meant to rise and shine, to dance and feel as happy as a lark;
Your soul is whole too and from mine; daughter, keep bright the spark.
By Gaynor Borade
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