Inspirational Mother-Daughter Poems: Knowing You

A daughter's first impressions of life are formed by the reflections of herself that she sees in her mother. As she goes through life protected, cared, and nurtured by her mother, a sacred and eternal bond is formed between them. This iBuzzle poem, comes straight from the heart, celebrating this beautiful mother-daughter relationship.
In knowing you I am not afraid, I know you are in step with me;
You are but my life re-weighed, for me to view and clearly see.

You are my strength and my torch; you are me in different hue and shine,
I rest that you shade me from scorch and help me to selfless love enshrine.

Mother, even as I call out to you, the soul is soothed and I feel calm;
You are God's love and the morn dew in my life, to wounds embalm.

I rest that you are near at hand; I sleep that you love and hold me true;
I strive that victory will be fanned by your care that walks me through.

Ma, mother, whatever I will; hold me, never let me go;
I remain a fledgling still, and in you, dear God I know.
By Gaynor Borade
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