Inspirational Poems

Inspiration - something that arouses you to do what you had never even dreamt of. It is something that makes you accomplish your seemingly impossible dreams. Take a look at these inspirational poems about life; they will inspire you to take your first step towards your goal.
Don't Quit - The Key of Success
Don't ever quit and persevere to succeed. This is a short poem to motivate you.
How Is It?
This poem is about not understanding the way the world functions... or the people in it. We all fail to see things right in front of us!
Peace On Earth
Let there be peace on earth.
A Star's Light
Unused talent can lead to a regretful life.
Being a Real Man
This poem tells about being a real man. Although this is not a complete description... Nevertheless, I want to share it with you. Thank you.
This is Life Today
Live in the present... Present is only what we have.
No Heroes, Just Us
I was feeling depressed last night and so I decided to make a poem. It's my third poem since I started this summer.
Life is Not Just...
It's a poem on the law of nature, and pays gratitude for this beautiful life.
Look Around You
Please comment.
A Humble Thought
Let us be aware of our humbleness...
Never Give Up Trying
Children are a true blessing. There are so many things that we can learn from them. One thing I learn is 'Never give up trying'. They fall when they learn to walk, but get up immediately, dust themselves, and keep attempting till...
It is only fitting that this piece should be published on International Women's Day (which I did not think existed but I accepted it). Found this in my archives as I wrote this in 2012 for a Women's Seminar held by one of my...
The Truth and Lie
Something behind his eyes...
Journey to the Hill
What does success mean to you as a student?
Heart of Fire
Finally the desire to live under the freedom of a heart on fire.
What Weighs On My Mind
A nice poem to make you reflect and smile.
About something I learned.
I wrote this for my best friend and she loved it. It's for anybody who is feeling upset or depressed. I love you.
Just Be Happy
I haven't put anything on here in a while and I decided this song was something I could put up. The first 2 lines were inspired by my cousin who said, "I go where I like, and I like where I go." I had to use it in here...
Be Yourself
Seek freedom in your own heart.
For the Anxious and Shy!
Someone told me to make a story about this, except I never got round to doing it. I felt so guilty, so I decided to write an inspiring (Hopefully!) poem for them.
Famous Inspiration
Emulation of famous by Naomi Shihab Nye.
Land of Nevermore
A fantasy of sorts.
Who Would You Rather Be?
It's time to decide...
Imperfectly Perfect
Perfection comes in many forms, scars, height weight, everything! And it's in the eyes of God, that we are at the utmost beauty.
Accept Yourself!
Listen up, because this is important!
Change - A Dream, You Should Dream!
When 'Change' becomes 'the Need', mark it as a wish or have it in your dreams, to make it come true.
Wake The Sun
Feeling optimistic and got the inspiration from some video I was watching in the class.
It's Okay
Felt happy when I wrote this.
Spirit in Me
I wrote it just to motivate myself when I was lost from the way of reaching up to my dreams. I was working so desperately for it and suddenly I felt frustrated. Well, it's not actually a poem. I wrote it as a song. Hope you enjoy...
Truly Amazed
This is a poem of Hope and Inspiration!
Dreams of Slenderness
Have you ever tried to lose weight? Were you unsuccessful? Better yet, did you feel that no matter how hard you worked, no matter how hard you tried, the weight continued to stay there? If so, this is for you.
I'll Get What I Want
This was Random!
Something I had to write about.
Bring it On
It's time to leave your comfort zone and face reality. . kindle the hunger that drove you once. .Be ready to face it all. .Bring it on!
Thought for Today - Never Give Up
A thought for each day.
The only thing you really need. .'Focus'. . All else will follow. .
Too Early To Give Up
Keep on keeping on.... you will surely get there!
Beautiful Soul
An inspiration for all those people, who may be going through difficult times in their lives whether is economically related, fulfillment of their dreams or other personal matters. We should be strong and never let anything or...
You Are Who You Hang Out With
I got the idea when I was reading this book. It's called "Sleeping freshman never lie." Good book. If you are a teenager, check it out.
You're Here
Just be strong you don't need to care, but what you should care for is your comments, so plz comment.
I Can Do It
Is time to be united and end up all the wars. Your comments will be your first step to my support.
Resa's Rainbow
Best author award nov. 2008. Very symbolic in an inspirational sense.
Am I Confused?
If you can't convince, confuse; they say. But I can neither convince myself nor live with this confusion. I am confused about what can convince me. And I am not really convinced about all this confusion either. Convince yourself of...
Meaning Of Life
Every "Saying" Has a Meaning of what it what's the meaning of life?
Pace Needs To Grow
Just like that again a beautiful poem.
Stars of Night - Reappear
Something to learn, something to share before the stars of night - reappear!
One For All, All For One
Alone, or all together!!!
Never Give Up On Me
Never give up on me No matter how tough life gets
Soldiers Die
Fighting together
Shoring Towards and Away!
A voice that echoes in the mind of a young seafarer, who is set to take over the marine living! Here's wishing him good luck.
Do Good Anyway
To do good, or not...
The Way You Think the Way You Are
It is said that once in a lifetime one should be allowed to have as much sweetness as one can possibly want and hold. None of us might enjoy the life as it needs to be. We are dissatisfied people who are unaware about the fact -...
A Little Sweet a Little Bitter
Thanxxx SOOO much 2 all da ppl who encouraged me!! U guys r gr8!! Luv u all!!:):):) Here's another one . . . its really short. . but. . something truly from within. . .plzz comment!!
You're There
Hoping to inspire.
This is a small lesson as to how we can look at a situation in our life... and go ahead to achieve our goals.
I won't Quit, I'll Fight
Don't quit, till your last breath. Read a short figment from my imagination..
Road to Success
The road of life...
Spark of Madness
The insane spark of hope and possibility within us...
The Waiting Game
It's about surviving the waiting game, the tug of war between hope and despair.
Food for Thought
A few of the simple and thought provoking proverbs that we hear everyday, but pay little heed to.......
A Thought for the Day: Value Friendship
A life without friends compares to the barren earth, the effete ocean and the desolate woods. They are the strength of the rungs you climb towards progress. They add quality to your life, like the laden clouds . . . .
Opportunity Knocks
Make the most of every opportunity that comes your way. Add quality to your life by living in its abundance and shunning that which holds you back from progress...
A Thought for the Day: It's Now or Never
You either live light in the moment or tug along with the burden of painful memories. However, the true nature of the human soul manifests in the present moment. Live life to the fullest, now or never. . . .
Harmony of the Senses
We have so much to be grateful for. Every single sight around is a lesson in freedom, to our self-bound nature. Deliverance is just a glance away. How sensitive are we to nature and soul-conditioning?...
A Thought For The Day: Willpower
Nothing is impossible for the Son of Light, that which You are. Rise and learn, reflect and deliver lessons expected from you. Life is passing you by...
A Thought For The Day: Shed Pride
Be humble in knowing that you have another day credited into your account. It is in humility that you triumph. Earn opportunity and applaud today...
A Thought For The Day: Crowning Glory
Another breath makes you majestic this day. You have earned time and space to prove your likeness to The Creator. Cover good ground and add to the potential within...
A Thought For The Day: Your Day
Every day is your day. Make the most of earned hour and rise in spirit to prove your mettle. No one or nothing can stop you now...
A Thought For The Day: Spread The Word
Of what use is our existence if we cannot help others on the same path through outreach and selfless act? You are meant to shine and climb the rungs of success in the light that pervades space, beyond the tiny self...
A Thought For The Day: Be Resilient
You are strong and cannot be otherwise. There is no space for a shrunken display of ability. Rise and world rises to a toast, ebb and you dry alone. Celebrate life today...
The Festival of Color
The Festival of Color is synonymous with spring, sunshine and nature's bounty. It is a time for redressal and query, sharing and caring and love-filled intent. Come, celebrate life...
Festival of Lights
The Festival of Lights is symbolic more than ritual-bound. The celebrations span the continents to spread rapture-filled intent and togetherness. A denotation of pure intent and the ultimate power of love to subjugate hate and...
Art of Selfless Giving
So many lessons to be learned on selfless giving...If only we can practice the art of offering service without expectation of reward, we would be able to evolve to a higher spiritual plane...
The Winner Takes It All
Live up to what you are meant to be. Gather strength from past experiences and move on in the right spirit. There is no time to wallow in self pity. You are always larger than the situation. Vous ĂȘtes un vainqueur!...
Inspirational Mother-Daughter Poems: Knowing You
A daughter's first impressions of life are formed by the reflections of herself that she sees in her mother. As she goes through life protected, cared, and nurtured by her mother, a sacred and eternal bond is formed between them....
Inspirational Mother-Daughter Poems: A Conversation
A mother relives through her reflection in her daughter. And while we wade in the rise and ebb of life's many tides, she lovingly clears the path and sprays fresh waters . . . .
A Thought For The Day: Live and Let Live
Make the right moves today. Be empowered with yet another day added to your life. But, in your quest to outdo yesterday, don't hurt or exploit another. Live and let live...
A Thought For The Day: Admire and Praise
Don't toe the commonly traversed line. It is those who swim against the currents who grow. Rise up and prove what you are really capable of this day...
A Thought For The Day: Invest In Deed
Give the world the best you have and only the best will bounce right back at you. The world is a reflection of yourself. Have a great day...
A Thought For The Day: Shed The Baggage
Don't drag yesterday's gloom into today. Everything must pass, and so has yesterday. Today is a new day. Walk light...
A Thought For The Day: Legacy
You are the legacy and the heir to the legacy of life. What's holding you back? Lay claim...
A Thought For The Day: Opportunity Knocks
Channelize your energies. Challenges are meant to be dared, and opportunity, taken up. You can redefine your life today...
A Thought For The Day: Reach Out And Claim
There is no space for negative thought. You are the rich inheritor of every new breath and all that meets the eye. Reach out and claim the heirloom...
A Thought For The Day: Call Of Light
Be empowered. You are meant to shine. Climb towards the light...
Whispering Immortality
The journey of life is a flowery path, if only we develop the 'sight' to see. However, our preference is for physical proof and drab vanity.
Spring of Delight
Live in the spring of life. The freshness ushered in, in every wakeful moment is meant to rejuvenate the spirit and help you to de-stress. Life sings a sonnet, sing along...
Your character is the defining factor when it comes to measuring real growth. And, most importantly, you set your own bench-marks. Do the self-analyzing test now...
Plant a Seed Potent
Every action adds meaning and quality to our lives. Why not embark upon life's journey in a conscientious manner, sowing only the best. After all, you can't reap good fruit from diseased seed, can you?...
Before The Sun Sets
Do we really have the time for idle talk and act, when the mission of life becomes clear? And yet we act as though oblivious to the truth...
Be The Change
It is becoming part of our nature to stand by like spectators and watch life go by. Most of us dream of change, but who is going to usher it in?...
Use Your Eyes
Miracles all around...and no eyes to see. It is such a pity that the fetus within the womb is not as amazing as 'abracadabra'.
This Too Shall Pass
To live in the moment, is to live wisely. Experience the experience! Life is beautiful and so are you, if only you could live in the 'now' of the moment...
Adversity - My Teacher
Adversity is the best teacher. In every difficult situation, some lesson of strength is learned. Being opened to the realization makes it easier to move on...
Dreamland of Heaven
After creation of universe, God found his children were engaged in rat race and they perhaps lost their peace of mind. Here is a wish that every life should bless with anew hope that each day seems to be a refreshing birthday...
Catch the Rippling Brook
Human attempt to harness nature needs to stop somewhere. What are we on...some might-proving spree on the path of self-destruction? Are we really so delusional that we refuse to acknowledge His presence?...
Escape Hatch: My Stress Buster
I found the best 24x7 accessible route to self renewal. Even as I write, I feel lighter. This new-age gift offers me the chance to write what I feel, fearlessly. Touche...
You Matter To Me
This one's for all you guys out there who allow a stumble and a fall in life pin you down. Come on...there's more to life than the nasty images that pass you by. The winner may take it all, but who decides where the game ends? You...
The Inscription
Self-Realization, Fear Is Not An Option
I describe how I feel in an odd way, but it's an interesting read. It's...motivating. Please comment, I would absolutely love to hear what you have to say.